Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why Is It So Difficult To Say, "Hello"?

By nature, we are social beings, well we should be at least!  We meet new people almost everyday and each time we are expected to behave in a certain way.  A way of kindness, a touch of personality and charity.  But why have the small actions of smiling and saying "hello" become so remote and difficult to perform?  I believe part of it has to do with our over social media internet driven society.  Instead of being taught how to behave in a public social situation, children are learning how to use a computer and perform all daily activities on a computer.  I know this is a wave of the new generation, but I find it hard to believe that all forms of social interaction and etiquette should be left by the wayside.  These forms of etiquette may not all be prevalent in today's society, but such manners should be adjusted to fit with modern societal norms.  The art of smiling and saying "hello" to strangers should most definitely not be forgotten!  You will be surprised how much farther you will get in life with a bit a kindness.

Credit: Love Greater

The clerk at the grocery store is more likely to help you if you approach them with a "hello, can you please help me?"

The bank teller will complete your transaction faster if you show them a pleasant attitude.

Credit: 7 Reasons

This shouldn't be a shock to you, but the world does not revolve around you.  If you need a moment to reflect on this, just think, will the world continue to turn and function once you have passed away?  Most likely the answer is...YES!  So with that being said,  make your life and the life of others as pleasant as possible.  The bank teller or store clerk may not know your name or what you do, but you might just make their day by being the only person who smiled and struck up a conversation with them.  Think of making other people's lives beautiful and in turn your life will be just as wonderful!


  1. It's funny that you write this post because just this past Sunday, the husband and I were walking in one of the amazing parks the city of Pittsburgh has and we started to notice how no one really said hello. I mean, there we are, in the middle of the woods, us and a person(s)/small group of people passing by, and no one hardly looked up, let alone said hi. It was so strange. So husband took it into his own hands and started saying hello to everyone he came across. It is such a shame that people pass one another without some kind of acknowledgement. I think that is just so strange.

    1. I agree, it's the weirdest thing and the unfortunate thing is that no one seems to even notice anymore. It has become the norm, so sad! I was laughing when you said what your husband did, that's great!

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  4. Hello! Stopping over from NE Blogger's Weekend blog hop. You're so right. After spending time in other countries, I have come to realize how closed off we, as Americans, can be. We're so wrapped up in the glorification of busy that we're closing ourselves off to human connection in the name of efficiency. You bring up good points. I look forward to exploring your blog. :-)


  5. HI there! I'm new to your blog, here via the NE blogger's weekend hop. What a great article! I'm happy to have found your blog to follow! I look forward to catching up on the other posts as well! Have a great weekend, Amber