Thursday, May 23, 2013

Those Obnoxious Noises That Make You Cringe!

Imagine are sitting in a conference room listening to a presentation and someone close to you but far enough away that you can't figure out who it is, is continuously clicking her pen.  Now I'd have to say that we all have some type of nervous habits and reasons for doing them, but when your nervous habit becomes an annoyance to those around you maybe it's time to pick a new "comfort zone".

Credit: Pen & Ink

Here are a few of those obnoxious noises that make me cringe!

  • The testing alarm on the t.v.
  • Squeaky chalk on a chalkboard (I think everyone agrees with this one)
  • The whiny voice of children (just talk!)
  • The whiny voice of adults (enough said)
  • A marker without ink (ewww!)
  • Dragging dinning room chairs across a wood floor
  • Children playing with balloons before they are about to POP!
  • A squeaky door
  • A whiny dog (unfortunately ours used to do this, wow did it get on my nerves!)
  • An electric drill
  • A loud clicking pen
  • A loud gum chewer

Sauce of Life Tip: Be aware of potential noise you make.  Are they obnoxious?  If so, then it's time to pick a new habit.


  1. You know, I can deal with most noises.. But there's a certain type of noise that makes me sick to my stomach...

    Eaty noises. You know, when someone's chewing gum with their mouth open (seriously, you're not a cow grazing!), eating a boiled sweet, or generally is a loud chewer (like my better half). It just makes me cringe, and if it's loud enough, I feel physically sick. Since when is it acceptable to let other people hear you eat?!!

    1. I agree! Why do people chew chips and crunchy foods with their mouths wide open. It's gross to watch and hear!