Friday, February 8, 2013

Do Men Like Vivacious Women?

Fabulous, bubbly and of course, VIVACIOUS!

This seems to be the question of the hour!  There have been numerous readers asking for us to expand on this very statement.  So we figured that Friday (being the end of the week, start of the week and a fabulous day altogether) would be a perfect time to address this!  So here's our take on the matter!  Don't worry, it will take several posts to fully discuss this topic.  Here's a bit of teaser to get you thinking.

If you didn't know this there was a movie created in 1938 named "Vivacious Lady".  How fabulous is that?  It stars Ginger Rogers and Jimmy Stewart and it isn't exactly on the same level as "A Wonderful Life", but the name grabs your attention, right?

Why do men like vivacious women?

~ A vivacious woman will ooze with confidence, as she is always optimistic, loves life and flirts with risk.

~ This type of woman dresses with an air of sophistication, elegance, class, but with an underlying level of mystery.

~ A vivacious woman will make a man keep guessing, and always wanting more.

~ A vivacious woman can be a bubbly, out-going and an extremely social person, but she can also be a woman of few words but many looks.  It won't take much for this type of woman to catch the male eye when walking into a room.

~ A vivacious woman knows how to get the job done (whether in the business world or in her personal life), but she never walks over people, talks over people, refuses assistance when needed and most definitely accepts the advice of her man.

~ This type of woman knows how to keep her man happy, whether it's with food, humor, passion or love!

Our Vivacious Woman in Red: Eva Mendes 
Photo Credit: SplashNews

Our Vivacious Woman of Elegance: Reese Witherspoon
Photo Credit: Daily Makeover

Our Vivacious Woman of Humor: Lucille Ball

Our Vivacious Woman in White: Heather Dubrow
Photo Credit:

Our Vivacious Woman of Mystery: Sophia Loren

Our Vivacious Business Woman: Heather Thomson
Photo Credit: Wetpaint

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  1. Love it! I think many women have forgotten how to be 'vivacious' or even just how to act or dress like a 'woman'. Just take a look at what walks about in the mall, or for that matter, anywhere else. If they only knew - the power a vivacious woman can wield! Thanks for insight - keep 'em coming!