Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Slip of the Tongue? Or Slight of the Hand?

Written By: Ooh La La (Danielle Marie)

Time to focus on the basics, yet again! 

Is it really that difficult to say "Please" and "Thank you"? 

Why are we too impatient to hold the door for the person behind us?

Word to the wise, say "Please" and "Thank You"!  This should have been ingrained in our minds at a very young age.  It might be difficult for a 3 year old to remember these words, but there is no excuse for a 13 year old, a 23 year old, or a 33 year old to have a "slip of the tongue"...  Get the point?!? 

Do you feel vulnerable by showing gratitude?  Guessing not, it's probably pride!  Get over yourself!

Are you just plain lazy? This is more realistic! Get over yourself!

Exhibiting gratitude, even in the smallest situation (i.e. the bank teller, the store clerk, your significant other) puts you in a position of control.  Acts of kindness will catch most people unaware, and oftentimes leave them...speechless...

Say Thanks ~ Vectored Words

Here's the winner!  Have you ever walked towards a building and the person in front of you lets go of the door, just as you are about to enter.  It almost seems intentional, as that door shuts in your face.  Unfortunately, this happens all too often.  But is it intentional?

What's the reason?  Well, most people are just too caught up in themselves.  Instead of being self-absorbed, try to remember others around you and be assistance to them.  Holding the door for a stranger will have an amazing impact, infinite signs of gratitude.  So instead of letting that door shut immediately behind you, remember to think of others and produce a "slight of the hand" trick by holding the door for a stranger.  What a welcoming surprise!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Let's Talk About You, Baby! Let's Talk About You and Me!

Written By: Ooh La La (Danielle Marie)

Why do we want to avoid meeting new people?

Why do we dread stepping out of our small social circles?

Why are awkward conversations so common? 

And why do we want to avoid social interaction altogether?

These may seem to be complicated long-winded questions, but they are not!  Meeting new people and those social situations are awkward because of the lack of common sense and the lack of generosity.  It's more apparent than you think!  Instead of making others feel comfortable, we do the opposite.  We talk about ourselves, and then we talk about ourselves some more, and then maybe we ask one question about their personal lives, but before they complete an answer, we talk about ourselves some more!  Get the point?  Get over yourself!

Instead of focusing on yourself, focus on others and this makes those horribly awkward social situations ever so much more enjoyable.  You may not really care to know what that woman's professional career entails or if that couple's children attend a private school, but they will be happy to share and surprisingly you may have more things in common than you realized.  The other bonus, they will eventually ask about your life.  This doesn't mean go crazy and tell them everything about you and your latest endeavors, leave a little bit of mystery.  You may need to pick up the conversation later in the evening or at another event sooner than you think.

Stop trying to one-up everyone you meet!  You would be surprised that most people don't care if you have the latest Chanel bag, or new car, or where you go grocery shopping, or that your baby got their front teeth early!  It is so obvious that you are trying too hard!  Keep your mouth shut and have a little humility.  People are more willing to befriend those who don't need to put on an exhibition! 

So what's the lesson?  Have you not been listening?  Think about others, ask questions, try at least to act interested.  You will be surprised how fast this will turn an awkward conversation around.  And maybe, you might find yourself enjoying the conversation.  It can be a relief not talking about yourself, take yourself out of the spotlight!  Let's be real, who wants to interact with fake and self-absorbed individuals?  Show some interest in others, even if you never see those people again, that conversation may have an impact on their lives (in a good way). 

Now how do you leave that lasting impression?  SMILE!  It really isn't that difficult and will have a surprising effect on others!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Time to Under-Expose: Keep Your Bras and Panties to Yourself!

Written By: Ooh La La (Danielle Marie)

Ok Ladies, this one is for you!  Now that we have approached those sweltering summer months, note to the wise (or not so wise), keep your bra straps, closures, panty lines or any such details to yourself and your lover!  When has it ever been stylish to expose your undergarments?  It's not attractive and it's not feminine, please leave something to the imagination! 

Bra straps are a huge no-no!  If you insist on wearing a spaghetti/thin strap top or halter shirt, go with the strapless bra but you better have one that supports you quite well.  Even if the straps of the shirt are thicker, make sure that you pin the bra into the shirt so they don't escape for public view.  Another bra issue, make sure the shirt back isn't too low and shows off your back closure.  If necessary, spend the extra money and buy a special undergarment to fix such public displays of not so appreciated show and tell!

Here's an ABSOLUTE!  Never, ever go bra-less!  You are not 13 years old!  No matter how great you may think you look, you will never again look that perky.  So do us all a favor and wear a bra!

Panty lines, well they are a little more difficult to hide, especially with the jersey knit skirts and dresses.  You may think it's impossible to fix this dilemma, but it isn't.  Buy a slip!  There are extremely cute and saucy slips available to purchase and these can be worn throughout the year.  Buy a light-weight slip to keep you cool during the summer months, but please make sure to purchase the correct size and length.  You don't want it to bunch up under the skirt if it is a size too big and you most definitely do not want the length of the slip to extend below the skirt...totally tacky!

Enjoy these warm months, since most of us only get to experience them for 3 months out of the year, but the heat is not an excuse to dress tacky, lazy or sloppy.

Need to go shopping to help unexpose yourself?

http://shop.nordstrom.com (check out the apparel-slip & bra section)

Commando Tailored SlipPicture from Nordstrom.com


www.laperla.com Picture from LaPerla.com

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Get a Clue! Are You a Wayward Walker or Wayward Driver?

Written By: Ooh La La (Danielle Marie)
            We have all experienced those slow, inconsiderate walkers who can’t seem to determine which way to go, or their cart sits in the aisle at the grocery store without moving for passers-by.  There are also the dangerous wayward drivers who drive below the speed limit in the fast lane, swerving in and out of lanes or driving the center line.  Be considerate of others and be aware of your surroundings.  It is selfish to only think you exist on this planet.  Don’t be oblivious to those around you.  Show your respect for others in small daily gestures.

·         Don’t be a wayward walker.  This includes whether you are at the grocery store, pushing a cart in a parking lot, or blocking the entire sidewalk and not allowing bikers to pass.  Avoid sudden stops in the middle of an aisle or congested areas.  Oftentimes there are multiple people behind you, be aware of this and step to the side if you must stop.  This includes making a phone call or texting, just move out of the way during your loss of concentration and everyone will appreciate the consideration.

·         Do not be a wayward driver.  Either we have driven behind these people or in the passenger seat.  This situation can be the most frustrating!  Unlike when walking, we can easily maneuver around the other person, but when driving we have traffic laws to follow without causing an accident and injuring others.  The best place to start improving these ridiculous driving conditions should be with you.  Avoid using your cell phone or giving into distractions, this will keep the roads safer with less accidents and road rage.

Did you get the hint?