Monday, December 31, 2012

A Few Memories! Happy New Year's Eve Day!

Here are a few of our favorites!

We attempted the Dirty Girl Run...and we finished!

Our girls are so girly! L.O.V.E.

These Tequila Cupcakes were one of my personal favorites! ~Danielle Marie

We had first hand experience with this one!

LOVE - this is what life is about!

Our love for entertaining and planning events!  

Did you actually think we could go this whole post without a fabulous pair of heels?

Every woman needs an array of drinks to choose from!

Our favorite cake of the year!  It's a quilt!

Yes, I'm talking to you!

Our words to live by!  These will transfer into the New Year!

We can't survive without coffee!  And a lot of it!

We had to add a few good looking men!

We are pink and girly and we love it!

We share a lot of laughs and a lot of memories!

Happy New Year from Provocative Manners! 
~Danielle Marie & Katrina

A Touch of Glitter and Glam for New Year's Eve!

Happy New Year's Eve!

By now you must have some idea of our love for glitter and glam!  

Here's s bit of New Year's Eve fashion inspiration!

Have fun, live the fabulous life!
Dress to the nines or dress casual, but whatever the event, don't forget a touch of glitter and glam!

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

New Years Eve Glitter and Glam

Matthew Williamson embroidery dress
$4,025 -

Mesh dress

Sheer dress
$53 -

Rhinestone jewelry

Christian dior

Christian Dior beauty product
$94 -

Nail polish
$7.01 -

Friday, December 28, 2012

A Kiss On The Hand May Be Quite Continental

Ah, a sweet caress on the hand by a gentleman.  
This sweeping gesture oozes with masculinity, femininity, romance, and sweet moments of endearment.  

So, what's the real meaning?  A soft gentle kiss on a woman's hand by her lover means, "I Adore You"!
Cartoon Found: The Luscious Life

Now, what woman doesn't want to be told she is adored?  What better way for a man to say those three beautiful words than with a soft, saucy and sophisticated kiss on the hand?!

Men and women should embrace this fabulous kiss.  Unfortunately, it is quite taken for granted or forgotten.  There's something much more glamorous, much more alluring and attractive to a kiss on the hand.  
It makes you wanting more!  

Credit: Nikki & Nick

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Favorites of Christmas!

Our Favorites Of Christmas!

The Birth of Christ
Credit: design {etc}

The Family Traditions

Eating Foods we Love without any GUILT!

Preparing Food for Those We Love!
Don't Forget the Wine!

Finding Humor Among the Hustle and Bustle!

Spending Time With Family and Friends

Waiting for Santa!

We Wish You All A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What to do the day after Christmas.....

What to do the day after Christmas.....

Eat Bon Bons! 

Everyone hurry, you have less than 5 days to eat all that unhealthy food in your house and be lazy until the New Year starts and the guilt sets in!!!