Monday, January 27, 2014

A Real Woman Only Reveals What She Wants You To See

We all love mystery. The ability to discover something new, decode a secret or to hide something so that it only belongs to ourselves and a few others. Women in history have been notorious in creating a public image v. a private image. It's a little bit like Billy Joel's song, "She only reveals what she wants you to see".

Window into the World of Fashion

I think a number of women have gotten caught up in over-exposing themselves. Not just in the sense that there's too much skin showing, but also in revealing too much private information. Sometimes it's better to leave a few private details for the imagination and not to provide every intimate circumstance with our lives to the world. It almost makes a woman less appealing, and less mysterious (and remember men like mystery) when every detail of you life is on Facebook, Twitter and Google. Have you tried Googling yourself? See how much information is out there about you that you would prefer was not there. You might not think it's a big deal right now as you flounder your way through high school and college, but 10 years down the round you might regret blabbing to the whole world your negative opinions.


Sauce of Life Tips for the Mysterious Woman:

  • Keep your private, intimate details for only a few close friends. Even then, it's better to reveal less than to reveal more.
  • Social Media sites should remain for the trivial and fun times of your life. Keep the negative opinions to yourself.
  • If you don't complain, people will want to be around you. 
  • Sometimes it's better for people to think you are living the "charmed" life, even if you aren't. Your dirty laundry should not be aired to the world.
  • When dating a man, don't start going into your family drama early on in the relationship. This will definitely be a turn-off. Men want to solve problems, not just listen to your ranting. Save the drama for your close girlfriends and definitely keep it off Facebook!



  1. I agree with you, always always save things to youself and not reveal all ot others.

    keep in touch :)


  2. Great Advice that I wish everyone would follow!