Monday, September 30, 2013

I Have a Big FRAMILY!

 I have a big FRAMILY!

So we all have families, but how many of us have a FRAMILY? Framily are the people who are not related to you but are your very close friends and are as important to you as your family! I have an amazing family that I would not trade for anything, but I also have a marvelous Framily!  My Framily has different personalities, different ages, and even different religions, but one thing that they all have is LOYALTY with a capital L. My Framily is there for me and I am there for them! 

So true, this also means mess with my Framily you mess with me.......;)

LOYALTY few really understand the word!

Friends + Family = FRAMILY

Friday, September 27, 2013

Live Like Julia and Learn to Be Amused

If you haven't heard of the author, Karen Karbo, I am so excited to introduce you to her! My first meeting with one of Karen Karbo's books is still a favorite of mine, The Gospel According to Chanel, as many of you know I am obsessed with everything Chanel, but besides that that book was humorous and entertaining. So when we were approached to read a chapter of her upcoming book, Julia Child Rules Lessons of Savoring Life, and attempt to live by this Rule for a week, I was pretty pumped! I tried to pick a Rule that specifically apply to me and help me work on a few of my many faults.

Rule No. 3: Learn to Be Amused

(Coming October, 2013)

I found this chapter to be extremely interested as it delved into the college year of Julia Child, which I knew pretty much next to nothing about. We have all had a bit of an introduction with Julia Child whether through her cooking books, cooking shows or the recent movie released about her, however I was drawn to each page of this chapter as it described her struggles through college and the few years after. But it definitely gave me a different perspective on life as I have a choleric temperament, pretty much summed up as an A-Type Personality. Yes, I'm extremely motivated person, but this can become wearing on other people and I felt a connection with Julia Child as she went through college with a humorous, love-life type of approach, which eventually took a toll on her own roommate. 

For the past week I have attempted to follow this rule, as sometimes it is quite difficult to find the humor in the situation or "learn to be amused". After reading this chapter though, it was much easier to understand how to take life a bit lighter and enjoy the moments whether good or bad. Believe me, this week wasn't easy with the usual ups and downs of every day life, but taking each moment and trying to find the humor definitely made it easier. So, I would like to thank Karen Karbo and Julia Child for this life lesson. It wasn't something I had never heard of before, but this was one of the first times I tried to enjoy the moments and laugh at myself too!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

We Made it to Round Two!

Thank you to everyone who has voted for us in the Intuit Small Business Big Game opportunity to win a commercial! Please keep voting for us as you have the chance to vote once a day! Click on the link to read more about our business and within a week a video will be posted too.

Thank you in advance from Danielle Marie and Katrina!  

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Quiet Times: An Unknown World

Silence is Golden

Some of the best times are those in silence. Our society tends to underestimate the value of quiet. It's a time which leaves us alone with our thoughts, our emotions and our dreams. True peace can be attained through silence, which is hard to have now a days with the over consumption of the television, the IPod, radios and cell phones. Taking a few moments of quiet time each day will help you be alone with yourself and learn your good qualities and the failures to work on in the future. So take 5-10 minutes each take a spend the time alone in complete silence, you will be amazed with the outcome!

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Right Kind of Ginger!

Ginger Rogers

A woman of yesterday, today and tomorrow, she had it all, and all woman can relate. Especially me.

Ginger Rogers is a great role model for today's woman. She is feminine, strong, sassy and a lustrous business woman.

In my opinion she was a more mature Blonde Bombshell, than the rest.....
She was Ginger!
Look at those Eyes! 

Definition of Feminine.

She knew what loyalty meant.

She was Ginger!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Have a Wednesday Whimsical moment!

Have a Wednesday Whimsical moment!

Lovely Whimsical hair.

Colorful is Whimsical.

Even all white makes a room dreamy.

Strips and added color, makes an Alice in Wonderland feel.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Building Unforgettable Friendships

It isn't easy to build a new relationship or meet new friends, especially once you finish college. You reach a point in your life when you are comfortable with the friends you have and are so involved in your personal life and career that there is little time for new friends. But then, when you least expect it, a person comes a long who you couldn't imagine not having in your life and if you hadn't put some time aside for that person, you would be missing a part of your life.

So here is to creating new friendships and building on existing friendships!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In Split Second Everything Changes: Remembering 9/11

We Will Never Forget!

We are remembering all those impacted in 9/11 today. Our prayers and thoughts go to those each and everyday! Let's remember that we all must be grateful for each and everyday of our lives, for the gift of life and the opportunity to live out that day. Today is a great moment for us to remember and pray for those who have lost their lives or were impacted directly by the events of September 11th, but it is also a perfect moment to remember and dwell on the many gifts and opportunities we have been given.So, don't ever take life for granted, because we never know when it will be taken from us. Let us be prepared and enjoy every second we are given, because life is too short to stand on the side lines and pout!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Back In the Swing of Things! Revolt Now Fitness

It is finally time to get back in the swing of things with my eating healthy and workout routine. It has been a long few months off, as I dealt with summer activities, designing wedding flowers for fabulous brides and the release of our new book, Provocative Manners: The Sauce of Life with book events and promotions. However, there are no excuses now! I have re-started the Revolt Now Fitness Routine and Meal Plan, with a few tweaks. Things will be a bit easier now that my oldest is in school in the mornings so that will give me a chance to do the 20 minutes workout and get my morning run in, which I'm enjoying a bit more everyday!

I am taking this week as the detox week so it's packed full of brussel sprouts, spinach, lots of chicken, sweet potatoes, boiled eggs and bananas. It's a great plan as it keeps me full, detoxes me from the loads of sugar I eat and crave on a regular basis and pushes me to workout each day (with a few days of rest) and I get to focus on different areas to stay in shape. It's great because the levels of the program can be adjusted for workout capacity, bodily limitations and it's short enough to help with time restraints a lot of us have. Check out the program here!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dating Manners: Respect for the Family

We have been asked by several readers to address a few different points of manners while dating, so we thought that "Family Respect" would be a great place to start.

I have witnessed several relationships among friends where the family doesn't exactly care for the person their friend, sibling or child is dating.  It isn't necessarily something personal against the other person, it usually stems from how the parents, friends or siblings are watching their loved one get treated. You may not think that respecting your boyfriend/girlfriend's family has anything to do with dating, but it does...A LOT!

Respect doesn't consist of just acknowledging their presence, but if you want a real place in the life of this family, then you need to make a conscientious effort to do so. It is not the responsibility of the siblings or the parents to make you feel welcome first, it is the person who is attempting to enter the family that must put an impressive good foot forward. If no effort is made by the boyfriend/girlfriend, no effort would be made by the family.  Remember, you are entering their home, not the other way around. Believe me, when solid truthful efforts are made, you will receive quite the welcoming response.

Sauce of Life Tips:

  • Never walk into your boyfriend/girlfriend's parent's home without addressing their parents.  This doesn't mean just looking at them and nodding, no that appears like you have no manners and a chip on your shoulder. It is crucial that you say "Hello, Mr. or Mrs. .....  How are you doing?" Strike up a conversation, be interested in them and they will become interested in you and your relationship with their child.
  • If your boyfriend or girlfriend lives at home with their parents, never walk through the back door.  No offense, but it makes the enter relationship look questionable. Are you just showing up for a quickie?
  • Be polite. There is not excuse whether you are shy or a quiet person, believe me, you will be remembered by your manners and if bad manners are a consistent habit of yours, that will be remembered and most likely held against you.
  • If you plan on marrying your boyfriend/girlfriend, then eventually you will be part of the family. Don't you want a smooth transition rather than a rough start to marriage?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Manners

Well, the end of summer is upon us.  Can you believe that it is already September?  I'm actually looking forward to this time of year, the only part I dislike is knowing that winter comes after fall!  I'm looking forward to the cooler days (so I can go running more frequently without trying to breathe through the humidity), the colorful scarves and bringing out a fun new wardrobe!  With Labor Day as the last big part before the end of summer, we figured it was appropriate to go over a few etiquette tips while spending this relaxing day with family and friends.

  • Never attend a Labor Day party, whether it's a picnic, dinner party, cocktail party, bbq without bringing a dish to pass or a bottle of wine.  The hostess will always remember the guests who arrive empty handed.
  • Please don't overstay your welcome.  Never come too early (unless you are willing to help prepare food and clean the house) and never stay too late.  When you notice the hostess cleaning up dishes or yawning as your talk, then you need to take those signals and go home.
  • Take the Labor Day celebration as a perfect time to wear your favorite white dress, the autumn trends are on the way!
  • If you are attending a party, make sure you RSVP'd.  No one likes having unexpected guests and responding an hour before the party is not acceptable.
  • Since it is a holiday away from work, spend that time with family and friends.  Try to stay away from your phone and computer.  Family time is more important!