Friday, May 24, 2013

Beat the Bulge: REVOLT WEEK 4

Are your ready to Beat the Bulge?

This week has definitely been much better than last week when I had a horrible head cold!  The circuits are so much easier when you're not sick!  I did a part detox this week, since I had such a horrible week prior but of course I had a few "oops" moments.  I am truly loving this program, especially the workouts!  These keep me motivated for each week.  Without the workouts I probably would have strayed from this fitness program a long time ago!  Nichole Huntsman does such a fabulous job of combining the food with the exercise, which makes it so easy to follow.  I am sad there are only 2 weeks left and truly would love to continue on this program for another 6 weeks!

Here's a short video about the program.  I hope you all take the time to watch it and consider investing in this program because you are truly investing in yourselves when you do!

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