Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Jelly Bean Day! Uh, Family Drama Day?

Written By: Ooh La La (Danielle Marie)

The Ladies at Provocative Manners would like to wish you all a wonderful and blessed Easter! 

Who doesn't enjoy Easter without a little anticipated family drama?  Did we say enjoy?  We meant abhor!

Stay clear of family issues.  Avoid them like the plague.  This ruins a wonderful Holiday!  Don't start the drama.  It isn't the time or place to discuss financial debt or begin an intervention for your Uncle Peter's addictions.  Keep it calm, simple and enjoyable for the entire family.  If people know you hate drama (and will nip it in the bud immediately) then it is less likely people will instigate a problem in your presence.

Sauce of Life Tips:
  • Make sure everyone has a drink (not necessarily alcohol) but something to keep them busy!
  • Keep the food, desserts and jelly beans coming!  People won't start fights if they are eating!
  • Know your crowd, maybe it's time to limit the alcohol.
  • Don't come empty-handed, if you're a guest, bring a small gift for the host or a dish to pass. 
  • Out of kindness, bring an Easter egg, a basket of treats or a chocolate bunny for your elderly relatives.
Picture from Hotel Chocolat.

  • If family drama starts, be the distraction.  You may need to cause a scene: spill a drink, play a loud game of hide & seek with the kids or turn on the newest music of Il Volo.  Who can resist their voices?
 Picture courtesy of Il Volo

  • Decorate your home with over the top Easter and spring themed items.  This will put everyone in a great mood and the drama will be forgotten.  Go to for cute decor!
 Picture from Party Pieces

Best of all, eat drink and be merry while you enjoy drama-free Easter gatherings!