Monday, June 30, 2014

No, I Don't Want To Watch You Eat!

Written By: Danielle Silva Heckenkamp

This past weekend was Strawberry Fest in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. So after a morning of picking strawberries we headed over to downtown Cedarburg for a bit of shopping and an ice cream cone. It was a lovely day and even though it was warm and humid everyone was so nice and sweet. Unfortunately, I witnessed one major etiquette no-no...

We stopped at one of the small shops to browse and just as we were about to leave, I noticed the cashier who was a young high school student eating an incredibly large piece of pizza at the checkout counter while a customer was making a purchase. It saddened me to watch this young girl find nothing wrong with eating in front of anyone. When I was in college, I worked in several retail environments but under no circumstances were we allowed to eat in front of customers! Not only is it rude, but don't you feel awkward chomping down on food in a professional work setting?

How has our society become so immune to these common courtesies? We were always taught as children that if you plan on eating in front of everyone else, you better have enough to share with everyone! I found it even a little more disturbing because these girls were wrapping beautiful merchandise while also eating a greasy slice of pizza. I want to give the girl a little benefit of the doubt since she was a little hesitant as she attempted to take small dainty bites, but unfortunately that doesn't make the action any better! Just remember, politeness is the greatest form of respect and this should be followed in every area of our lives.

Word to the Wise ~ There is never, under any circumstances, a reason to be eating food in front of your customers! Either take a break, or if it's too busy you just suck it up and wait until your shift is over. Self-control, please!

Monday, June 23, 2014

6 Ways to Say "Hello"

In the past, we have mentioned that one of our pet peeves is how very few people smile, but let's add one more to the list. Why is it so difficult to say hello to strangers? And every time an effort is made to acknowledge someone, they are in complete shock. How sad is that? We are social human beings and most definitely need that attention and interaction with others. Yes, it might take a little bit of effort, but it's worth the final reward...making someone's day brighter!

Say "Hello" with a Smile ~ Sometimes words not necessary. A simple, but bright smile is sometimes all that's needed when passing a stranger at the grocery store.

Say "Hello" with a Wave ~ Our life is full of moments where we can make the most of a small gesture. Wave "hello" to that next door neighbor you rarely get a chance to talk to, but your thoughtfulness might make them smile.

Say "Hello" with a Gift ~ Deliver a container of freshly baked chocolate cookies to a friend. If they aren't home this will be a great surprise for them. An unexpected surprise!

Say "Hello" with a Note ~ Everyone is all about the text messaging, but do remember as a kid when your mother would put a small note in your cold lunch. There was such a level of anticipation waiting until lunchtime to read that note. Leave a love message for your husband before he leaves for work in the morning or mail a card to your mom letting her know you are thinking of her.

Say "Hello" with a Kiss or a Hug ~ We have all heard of the "Love Languages", some of us need to give or receive physical touch. Your grandmother or best friend might just be that person. If you are aware of this, make an effort to give them a hug and/or kiss when you see them each time. This might mean the world to them!

Say "Hello" with a Question ~ In our self-indulgent society we sometimes forget about others. Instead of walking past your neighbor or acquaintance at the store, take a moment to stop and ask them how they are doing. Maybe ask if they need help or would like to go out for coffee. You might be the bright light they needed to get through the day.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Game of Soccer: 2014 World Cup!

Who's your World Cup favorite?
If there's anytime in your life to become a soccer fan, even for a split second, 
it's right now during the World Cup!

Team Brazil

Team England

Team France

Team Germany

Team Ghana

Team Italy

Team Portugal

Team USA

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wedding Wednesday Essentials

We know that one of the biggest wedding essentials is the dress, but here are a few of our other favorites! Beautiful purses, fabulous heels, a relaxing candle and of course a sweet, intoxicating drink! 


Wedding Wednesday Essentials

Benjamin Adams evening shoes

Pink handbag

Special occasion handbag

Saturday, June 7, 2014

It's Wedding Season - Love Is In The Air!

Love is in the air!

Now that wedding season is in full swing, we are excited to post some of our favorite and not so favorite trends for 2014! What trends do you love and which do you think should die?

Purse - The Bag Lady.TV
Elizabeth Anne Designs

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Party Planning: Making Memories

Now that summer has officially hit (yes, even in Wisconsin we are ready to get rid of the jackets and sweaters) it is now what we call "Grilling Season". That time of year when the smell of burning charcoal just makes you all warm and cozy inside. The more relaxed atmosphere and the countless hours outside give us the perfect setting for a mid-summer BBQ. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for planning that perfect summer cookout!

Keep food simple, but yummy. - Hot Dogs, Brats and Burgers are simple, so dress them up with a variety of toppings: cheese, onions, relish, dill pickles, sweet pickles, sauerkraut and avocados.

Drinks are a must! - Again, simplicity is great so purchase packages for lemonade or make a pitcher of sun tea (literally it sits in the sun). A variety of beer and wine (or wine coolers) are always a necessity. Everyone will find something to enjoy with beer or wine. If you want to go out on a limb, make a special pitcher of Sangria or a signature cocktail.

Decor...not necessary! - The summer months are so beautiful with the green trees and flowers that it might be best to reserve your hard earned cash for the food and drinks. A few Chinese paper lanterns with LED lights would be nice, but don't go crazy. It's a cookout, remember?

Somewhere to sit! - It is absolutely necessary that you have enough outdoors chairs for your guests. You don't want them to be forced to sit with the kids on the grass, unless they truly prefer that...

Most importantly, have fun! - Summer is about letting go and enjoying that short amount of time each year to soak up the sun, relax with friends and let the kids run wild. Those winter months sure give us cabin fever here in Wisconsin. Don't stress and let loose! Make Memories!