Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Have a Fun, Flirty and Fabulous Day!

 Have a fun, flirty and fabulous day today!
I feel the need to carry a ziploc bag of glitter in my purse.....

Sophia Loren is her glory!
“Sex appeal is fifty percent what you've got and fifty percent what people think you've got.”
From the latest Vogue issue and a pinterest loved photo.
I think I will this to the next baseball game that I attend, whatcha think? Too Dressy, is there such a thing?

Ok MEN! Get a hint even this dapper little man knows how to impress the ladies!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Make-Up: A Woman's Best Friend

Written By:  Danielle Marie

Over the years I have come to the realization that women, well the majority of women need some form of makeup.  A little touch of make-up here and there will help us look and feel our best everyday!  Now this doesn't mean you should look like Miss America or the next Top Model everyday, no that over-the-top "look" is really only necessary for special occasions: your wedding day, your 30th birthday party, or a 25th wedding anniversary dinner.

Fact: Don't cake-on layers of unnecessary make-up!  Halloween is only once a year!

Fact: Test different shades of eye shadow to determine what works best with your skin tone and hair color.

My whole point is that every woman has her own beautiful features, so use them to your advantage and enhance them if needed.  Maybe you have gorgeous long, dark eyelashes, so it is not necessary you wear mascara on a daily basis, but instead your skin needs a little neutralizing with a bronze toner or foundation.

Fact: Always rub your foundation in thoroughly, don't leave any streaks!

Fact: Replace your tub of mascara every 3-6 months.  It's a little gross applying hardened mascara to your lashes.  Talk about major clumping!

Make it one of your morning priorities, a daily habit!  Try not to leave the house without looking your best, you never know who you may meet!  Even if you have kids, there is no excuse; just make it part of their morning routine too.  I have two little ones, 3 years old and 1 year old, every morning they watch me put on my makeup and know that it is part of the routine!  Even if you don't like spending those couple extra minutes adding a touch of eye liner or a bit of blush, remember it's not just for your own glory, it's for your husband, your boyfriend, co-workers, employees, even strangers.  You want to always represent yourself in the best way possible, be a good example and you may gain a bit more self-confidence!

Fact: Discover how you can enhance your features!  If you don't know where to start, visit a local cosmetician at a salon or department store for advice.  They can also lead you in the right direction for brands.  Maybe you have sensitive skin or maybe you have dry skin.

Fact:  Wearing make-up is not about being vain!  It is exhibiting a level of self-respect and also looking your best for those around you!  Take care of yourself!  Besides, you doesn't love a great pedicure?!?

Fact:  A touch of lip gloss goes a long way!  Who wouldn't want to kiss those lips?

Fact: Keep it NATURAL!  Men prefer women who wear effortless make-up, for that matter we all do.  The  crazy eye make-up should be reserved for the runway!  

Fact: Don't think of make-up as a chore but as an adventure!  Change it up!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Come On My House, My House Come On!

Come on my House, My house come on! One of the greatest songs by Rosemary Clooney, "Come on-my house," can get anyone into the holiday mood. A cheerful and lively song about food, friends and the holidays.

Are you you getting in the mood for the upcoming holidays?  
Any special family Thanksgiving traditions?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Weekend Baby!

Halloween Weekend Baby!
Halloween can be some the kids greatest memories. So do not stress about the costume or what party is going to be the best, whatever your choice is, it will be great! Halloween allows adults to play dress-up so have fun and eat tons of candy just like the kids do. Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 26, 2012

I Wanna Dance With Somebody!

Dance the Night Away In These Amazing Clothes!

Do you want to walk like Audrey Hepburn?  Stylish and saucy!  Or do you want to dance like Ginger Rogers?  Grace and elegance!

If you looking for a few beautiful pieces to wear for your next upcoming event, check out this beautiful eggplant pencil skirt, the little black dress and a hounds tooth hooded jacket from

Bangle bracelet

NARS Cosmetics eyeshadow

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Are You A Tease? The Lover v. The Leaver!

Written By: Danielle Marie

Every woman wants to be somewhat of a tease.  We want to allure our men, bring them into our world.  We want them to want us!  But there is a difference between that "good" type of teasing that every healthy relationship needs, and yes even after 20 years of marriage you better be a tease to your husband, or that "bad" type of teasing where a woman takes continual advantage and plays with the heart strings of the man she supposedly loves.

"Good" Teaser: The Lover
Wear what attracts your lover!  Does he love you in that red dress or a pair of black boots?
     Oftentimes dressing isn't only for us, but for the people around us!

     Tease your partner with their favorite culinary dishes.  Spend time in the kitchen cooking for your significant other!

     Plan an amazing date night.  Yes, we believe men should be in charge of this, but can you imagine how seductive it is for a man to enjoy an unexpected date once in awhile?

Does your lover have a favorite perfume he likes you to wear?  A few drops before he comes home from work might spark a little heat.

Sneaking up behind your significant other and kissing his neck is good teasing!  Show your love by touching and kissing, often!

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Who doesn't love to see true love with a happy ending?

"Bad" Teaser: The Leaver

Never officially breaking up with a boyfriend and contacting him only to keep his interest is a bad tease!

Is your significant other ready for the next step and are you too indecisive?   You choose not to make a commitment, then it's time to be honest about the situation.  You are being a tease!  Don't lead him on if you both have different paths!

If you are unable to put any effort into your relationship, then you are a bad tease!  Don't waste his time and yours, maybe it's not the right moment for a relationship!  Seeing your significant other only two times a month and you have been dating for over a year, is not acceptable, unless you both agreed on this arrangement...

Is your relationship not a priority?  Does your significant other feel like a friend or brother rather than your lover?  Then it's time to take a step back, maybe you're too immature for the relationship!  Not everyone is meant to be have a long-term commitment or to get married, so be honest with yourself.  If your relationship isn't a priority to you, then don't waste his time!

If you can't invest any emotion into the relationship, then you are leading him on!  Don't put on a show to get what you want!

Photo Credit:

Monday, October 22, 2012

How To Create Those Special Memorable Photos

Photo Opportunities

Creating Special Ones

By: Katrina 

Family is everything, so cherish the moments with unique memorable poses.

I found these beloved photos on Pinterest

Dad,  Mom, and it every year to see the changes.

Dad, Mom and children Praying..... A family that prays together stays together!

Generation Genius.... Do it with before it's too late!

Before and After.....Would be super cute to do the same pose every five years.

Show some and sister, parents, and grandparents. 

Artist engagement photos are the new trend. 

How to create an adorable photo for the Christmas card.

Maybe you are not sentimental, but you can not tell me that looking at these photos did not bring a smile to your face.

Create and record Memories'll be glad you did!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mini Apple Tart Day!

It was definitely time to enjoy an amazing apple pie, but instead of the full pie I made mini tarts.  
Super easy and a lot of fun!  

Friday, October 19, 2012

Bring on the Bubbles
By: Katrina

With this Autumn weather and Winter approaching, all I seem to think about is all the stress and chaos the holidays are going to bring. So how do I relax, a great soothing bubble bath.
Of course I do not exactly have my dream bath tub but......

My Dream Bath tub

Even Julia Roberts can appreciate a great bath in Pretty Woman

This takes a whole new meaning of reading in the bath tub!

You know those movies that you see a couple taking a bath together, FYI.....not that romantic, never enough room. Twin bath tubs are the way to go!

With all the stress of the upcoming election,  everyday life and future chaos at least a bath and bubbles can help escape from grudge of the world.

Bringing on the bubbles!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Want To Be Kissed In the Rain...Me Too!

Want to be Kissed in the Rain...Me too!
By Katrina

 Yes, I understand that we women are very complicated...but here is a hint..... if you get caught in the rain with us.......KISS US!!! Let's see how can I put this into guy terms....

Kiss on the cheek...5 points

Short kiss on the lips...10 points

Long non-sloppy kiss on the lips...15 points


KISS IN THE RAIN AND SOMEONE TAKES A PHOTO OF IT FOR PROOF TO OUR FRIENDS....105 Points plus a home cooked dinner! hahaha!
Saw this adorable painting on Pinterest.... This a moment every girl should have!

Can anyone FORGET this memorable seen from The Notebook....Yum!

Rain on a Wedding Day is considered good luck...and makes for super cute photos!

All I have to end with is....... Add it to the bucket list ladies!!!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bangles & Bags Bracelet in Cobalt Blue

Our Love for Cobalt Blue Continues!

This bracelet is from Bangles & Bags, an amazing jewelry store in the Milwaukee area!  The best part is that this store also hosts jewelry parties and a percentage can be donated to a non-profit of your choice!

This cobalt blue multi-strand bracelet has a gold clasp! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Salsa Me Silly

It's that time of year again...time for canning, preserving and creating those homemade memories to last a lifetime!  Well that's if I was Betty Crocker, which I'm not, but I try! 

This past weekend I attempted homemade salsa for the first time.  I have watched my dad make it, but I wanted to try it myself!  It worked out great!  The hubby and the kids loved it, even my 1 year old appreciated the homemade taste!

So I thought it would be fun to share the recipe!  I just made it up as I went, sorry for not having the exact measurements...

I started with a few fresh tomatoes from the garden. 

1.     Chop and peel the tomatoes.  I used about 15-20 medium sized tomatoes.

2.     Next chop 2 onions (small) and 10 cloves of garlic (I love my garlic). Place the chopped onions and garlic in a strainer.

3.     Pour a pot of boiling water (about 4 cups) over the onions and garlic in the strainer.  Let the onions and garlic cool.

4.     In a large pot combine the tomatoes, cooled onions and garlic, chopped jalapeno peppers, chili powder, cumin, a touch of sea salt, oregano and black pepper. 

5.     Stir over medium heat until the salsa boils.  Once cool, place it in a tupperware and let it sit overnight in your refrigerator. 

6.     After letting the salsa marinate overnight, place it in a food processor and slightly blend.  I prefer mine to have some chunks of tomato and peppers still visible, but if you prefer it creamy, blend it all the way! 

7.     Enjoy with family and friends!

Monday, October 15, 2012

One of Those Annoying Habits!

Written By: Danielle Marie

I thought it was time to share one of the most annoying habits that drives me nuts!  And of course, I've seen it all over the country.  I have no idea who or why started this, but unfortunately it's pretty common, but absolutely disgusting!  This could be a variety of different things, but for me, one of the most gross and animal-like behaviors is spitting in public!

Now it's repulsive enough to watch a person hack up a piece of their own saliva but the next course of action is the worst part!  Why is it necessary to spit a large amount of your phlegm on the ground for a public display?  Does this make a man feel more like a man?  Well they are so wrong!  A man would never just spit on the ground in front of women or children and then not care if someone might step in it!  (NEED I SAY MORE?)  As a woman, there's no reason that spitting in public is ever necessary.  It doesn't help a woman ooze with femininity, on the contrary it makes us wonder who taught her those manners!

Maybe I'm a little strong on this topic, but at one point my daughter saw a random person do this and then she thought it was acceptable.  We quickly got her out of that thought process!  And don't tell me it's a form of expression, that excuse is beginning to hit a limit!  Did it ever occur to people that by watching our behaviors and manners, we might have a influence on society?  Everyone wants to be an individual, well this doesn't mean disgusting habits are acceptable.  No, it means being yourself but still having those common courtesies towards others!

Happy Monday!
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Fabulous Fall Cocktails: HF4F

Here's to a Fabulous Friday!

With the cool fall temperatures we thought it would be fun and fabulous to show you are favorite autumn inspired cocktails.  Cheers to a Fabulous Weekend!

Hot Apple Toddy

Photo Credit: Shannon Graham

2 oz whiskey or apple brandy
1 tsp sugar
Lemon wedge for garnish
Cinnamon stick for garnish
2-3 whole cloves for garnish


Coat the bottom of an Irish coffee glass with honey. Add the whiskey or apple brandy. Fill with hot apple cider. Stir well.  Garnish with the lemon, cinnamon stick, and cloves.

Pumpkin Spice Martini

Photo Credit: SweetBasil

1.5 fluid oz of vanilla flavored vodka
1.5 fluid oz of Irish cream liqueur
1.5 fluid oz of pumpkin flavored liqueur
1 cup of ice cubes
1 pinch of ground cinnamon
1 pinch of ground nutmeg


Pour the vanilla flavored vodka, the Irish cream liqueur and pumpkin flavored liqueur into a cocktail shaker over ice.  Cover and shake.  Pour into martini glass and garnish with the cinnamon and nutmeg.

Caramel Apple Martini

Photo Credit & Recipe from A Beautiful Mess Blog

6 oz of sour apple schnapps
4.5 oz of butterscotch schnapps
3 oz of gin or vodka
1-2 tablespoons of caramel
A few sour apple slices
Pinches of cinnamon and sugar for garnish


Drizzle caramel sauce along the inside of the martini glass.  Combine half the ingredients with ice in a martini shaker and strain into the prepared glass.  Dip the apple slice in cinnamon and sugar. Float the apple slices on the top of the martini.

Ginger Rogers Cocktail

Photo Credit and Recipe from Cocktailia

8-12 mint leaves
1/2 oz of ginger syrup
1.5 oz of gin
1/2 oz of fresh lime juice
Ginger Ale
Lime Wedge for Garnish


Put the mint in a glass, cover with the ginger syrup and muddle lightly until mint releases aroma.  Fill the glass with ice and add the gin and lime juice.  Top with the ginger ale.  Using a bar spoon, stil the drink from the bottom up to mix.  Garnish with the lime wedge.

Autumn Punch

Photo Credit and Recipe from Better Homes and Gardens

Sweet white wine
Cranberry-apple juice
Garnish with fresh plums


Combine the white wine and cranberry-apple juice in a pitcher.  
Garnish each drink with a fresh plum.


SALUTE!  (Italian)

Santé (French)

SAUDE! (Portuguese)

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