Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sunshine is My Favorite Accessory!

It's a little bit miserable here in Wisconsin.  It has been raining for over a week, with a few short days of sun but no warm weather.  How did we miss the heat wave sweeping through the East Coast?  Well, it's raining again today, actually Flash Flood Warnings, YUCK!  So just praying our power doesn't turn off, otherwise our sump pump will stop working and our basement will flood.

I thought it would be best to do a blog post with lots of color, inspiration and sunshine to help us get through these dreary days.  There better be a lot of beautiful flowers in May since it has been raining all April!

So on these dreary days of rain and clouds, put a smile on your face and see how many people you can make laugh!  Enjoy the day!

                          How do you wear your sunshine?

Credit: Life of Brian

Credit: Friends

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Credit: Sunshine

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