Saturday, August 31, 2013

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Adored By Many - Where Are All the Beautiful People?

What makes a person lovable, adorable and full of life?  Well, it's not just their looks, it's their personality, their charity and a bit of humility is needed for this one.  The most beautiful people in the world are not those with the most money, the most power or influence, but the people who are beautiful on the inside.  We may only remember the presidents or famous athletes because of memorization in school or for a moment in time, but when we go through life as adults we truly remember the beautiful people we meet.  The sad thing, is that those beautiful people have become less and less.  Why is this?  Our world which at one time worked together, loved each other, fought for each other and aimed towards the common good has become a civilization of greed, selfishness, with a pure "giv'me giv'me" attitude.  We don't all have to think that the only way to change the world is through mission trips or donating to 3rd world countries (even though these things are wonderful), but we can start in our own backyards.  Whether that means smiling at a stranger, offering to babysit a friend's kids (without expecting something in return), donating unused items to a local charitable organization, picking up a cup of coffee for a co-worker, baking cookies for the contractors painting your home or dropping off your extra garden vegetables and fruits to a local food pantry.  Believe me, the small things in life do count.  So, if you want to be remembered as one of the "beautiful people" who is adored by many, then maybe it's time you took a step back, examined yourself and your way of living and begin thinking and working for others on a daily basis!
All You Need Is Love

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Things to Ponder Thursday!

Things to Ponder Thursday!

Think this through, so true!

Very True, I have many friends that are unaware of how beautiful they are!

Printing and adding to the Refrigerator! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Craving Chevron Prints and MORE!

We are absolutely in love with the chevron trend which is everywhere!  It can be used throughout the house for decor, it can make a fabulous fashion statement and it adds that little extra touch to personalize anything!

A special touch for a simple basket.

Accent a dresser with this fabulous print.

What a fun bedroom!

Small decor accents make a home more welcoming.

Make a fashion statement in this beautiful dress.
Transition from summer to fall!

Make a statement with this color combo.

Wow your friends as they enter your home.

A fun pattern with a fabulous mirror!


Love this color for fall!

DIY home decor, simple but beautiful.

This piece of furniture will fit in most homes.

 Here's a small fashion accessory that will make a big statement!

What a fantastic cake.  Perfect for any occasion.  

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Art of Successful Communication

Written By: Danielle Silva Heckenkamp

The Art of Communication - A little bit of common sense, PLEASE!

Our world has become so absorbed with technology, and ourselves, that oftentimes we fail to show concern and generosity towards others.  Even though the majority of people have access to the internet 24/7, they still fail to have any sort of manners.  Yes, there are certain guidelines that should be followed for the internet, the phone and text messaging...huh...who would've guess?!?

1. Sending text messages to your girlfriend/boyfriend's parents is not a good idea.  Pick up the phone and make a call if you need to contact her/him.

2.  If someone sends you an email, whether business or personal, respond immediately!  Even if you need to check something or it may take some time to find out information, never leave the email unanswered.  Even a short reply of, "let me get back to you about that" or "I will check my calendar and let you know".

3.  Posting your negative personal information on social media outlets is not always for your benefit.  It may actually be detrimental if employers see that, because believe me, you will be Google Searched.

4.  Return all phone calls promptly.  This means return the call within a day.  Don't wait a week to return a phone call whether it's for personal or business reasons.

5. Keep the ringtone of your phone professional and at a moderate level.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer is Almost Over: Flip Flop Glamour!

Summer is almost over, flip flop glamour!

Found these on Pinterest, Wish I knew the brand, I would love them in Red!

Gems and Jewels!

A little glossy flip flop!

Coolness, wings made from Flip Flops