Friday, May 10, 2013

Revolt Fitness: Week 2

This week has been much easier on REVOLT since there were no longer lots of brussel sprouts and spinach.  I am truly enjoying this plan!  I typically try to eat healthy, going for more of the "clean" foods, but as a mother sometimes we end up eating on the go.  This program is forcing me to carefully consider what I am going to put into my body.

I am absolutely loving the circuits and you will probably hear that every week!  Each week is different, and Nicole switches up with exercises so I don't get bored.  Her online videos are amazing and make it more motivating for me since I am following her.  It's like your own personal trainer through the internet in your home!  How can it get better than that?

Credit: Chicago Now

If you are interested in joining the Revolt Challenge, go here.  The subscriptions start at $10 a month and it is most definitely worth every penny.  As busy as we all are, this program sets up a meal plan ahead of time for you while also giving you the workout circuits you need to gain muscle.  "Uprise Against Mediocrity!"

Credit: Fitness

Week 2 Foods
Eggs, whole and whites
Green Peppers and Onions
Ground Turkey
Lava Cake (yes, I just said Lava Cake!)

Week 2 Circuits
Lower Body (wall sits, lunges)
Upper Body
Core (planks)


  1. Agreed on loving the circuits. I like some better than others, but overall, they keep me moving!

  2. I usually get so bored with workouts - these are awesome I love that they change weekly

  3. I have to agree, I love the ciruits - I think that's what does it for me. It's not a boring workout.

    Thanks for linking up last week. My new linky is up this week if you want to link up again.

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