Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rainy Summer Night... Someone Kiss me!

Rainy Summer Night...  Someone Kiss me!

So it is July 30, late at night and all the windows are open and soft misty rain is falling......What am I doing... doing dishes while listening to oldies station on Pandora Radio.... on comes, perfectly timed... "Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain," by the Cascades. My hair is thrown up in a loose top knot and I have a summer flowy strapless dress on. (why, mainly because it is comfortable)

All I need now is a big burly 6 ft something man to walk in the door, lock it, and come up behind me and kiss my neck and send a million chills shriving down my body.....well the rest is for a trashy novel and I am a lady so I'll stop. But you get the picture....I personally think rain is wonderful. Rain fits every mood you are in.It can be sad and sweet, thunder storms are mad and loud, rain with sunshine peeking through can be hopefully...etc.... In short Rain is good...especially when you get kissed in it! Wink Wink:)

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  1. Thanks for the images - rain is amazing no matter how it comes - also fun to walk in the rain when you're either happy or sad! Love the nostalgic pictures.