Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July! Favorite Memories.

Favorite Childhood July 4th Memories

Credit: 4th of July
  • Decorating my bike as a kid for the parade, even sitting on the sides waiting for the candy was magical!

  • Admiring the military men in uniform as they carried the American Flag.

  • Helping my dad put the American flags out in the front yard.

  • Going shopping with my mom for a special "4th of July outfit".

  • Everything being Red, White and Blue (it's the only time these colors really work, well maybe that's because it has patriotic feel no matter how they are worn...

  • Participating in the Watermelon Hunt.  Yes, I never won but it was fun anyway!

  • Packing up blankets and snacks with the family to go watch the fireworks.

  • Imagining the fireworks were made of "jewels", yes, I am a dork!

  • Riding the fair rides at the park by our house before the fireworks.

  • The smell of my dad grilling hot dogs, brats and burgers.

  • Knowing we still had half of summer vacation left before school started again.

  • Playing for hours outside, there never seemed to be a "bedtime" on July 4th.

  • Watching the neighbors set off their amateur fireworks in the street.

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Happy Independence Day!  

Thank You To All The Men And Women Who Have 
Served Our Country!

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  1. Lots of fun memories for a special day!