Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Quick and Easy Party Menu!

Quick and easy Party Menu!

So you are planning a summer P.A.R.T.Y.
You invite the guests and ask them to bring a salad of some sort to pass, right?
Well then your main course, dessert and Drinks better be Amazing!!! After all you are the host!

Flank steak = marinate in Italian Dressing and grill! Yumminess!
The Best Sangria ingredients! Fresh Berries for sure
Great Summer Time Dessert! And can be made a day in advance! Frozen Grapes and bananas drizzled in chocolate!

It's all about the presentation, so keep it simple and elegant.
Wow your guests' taste buds, but you don't have to spend a lot to make this happen.

1. Purchase in-season fruits and vegetables.  Grill or saute for an exquisite taste.

2. Pick a signature drink, instead of purchasing large variety of alcohol.

3. Create several yummy appetizers, and a few small sides dishes with your main meat. Guests love to munch on appetizers, so don't go overboard on dinner.  They might not be hungry anymore.

4. Find simple dishes with a lot of flavor.  Prepare as much as possible ahead of time so you aren't rushed when the guests arrive.

5. Bake a few different desserts.  Most guests will remember how the meal ended.  Have options!

A fabulous summer drink!  
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We need a creative way to display the goodies.
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With a good menu, we need good food!
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Try a theme: Mediterranean Cocktail Party!
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Design your own fun menu for guests.
This can be done for large events or small dinner parties, it adds a bit of intimacy.
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Create a warm inviting atmosphere.  Be as cordial and welcoming as possible.
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