Monday, July 29, 2013

Classy Qualities with a Saucy Personality

What makes a woman vivacious, to have that extra bit of femininity that makes others in awe of her?  Well, it isn't as simple as it may appear, but it can be attainable by every woman with a bit of practice.  We all  need those classy qualities with a bit of a saucy personality.

So what are Classy Qualities?

  • Love who you are.  Have confidence in yourself and in your decisions.  If this means you need to sit straighter, walk taller, then do it.  It will help you feel more positive about yourself!
  • Take care of yourself.  Wake up each morning with the desire to be ready for the day.  Whether you have to run to the office, meet a friend for breakfast or stay home with the kids, always get dressed and freshen up. Taking care of yourself will help you feel better about yourself.  This includes getting out of your pajamas, brushing your hair and putting on makeup.
  • Dress to impress.  This doesn't mean heels everyday, but wearing sweatpants to pick up your children from school is not always appropriate.  Remember, you are an example to your children and other moms.
  • Watch what you say.  Stay refined in your vocabulary, there is nothing more ridiculous than a beautiful woman with fowl language.
  • Stay calm and collected.  A woman should be in control of her emotions, only time to time is it appropriate to let the tears come (use them sparingly, as they can be quite impressionable).
  • Be respectful and care for others.  Life isn't only about ourselves, but contributing to those around us.
  • Stand up for yourself, your friends and family, but don't lower yourself to the level of other people with rude behavior.  Charity is wanting the best for everyone, it doesn't mean people can take advantage of you.

So what is a Saucy Personality?
  • Take charge of your life and have goals.  There is nothing more enticing than a woman who has a goal and is working towards that big picture.  Dream Big!
  • Keep the mystery.  This includes your personality and your appearance.  It's never necessary to spill your entire life on a first date.  Let your man work to get to know you.  Men like to solve riddles, so be the riddle!
  • Stay away from the gossip and the pettiness.  Let the insignificant things roll right off you.  There's no time in life to stress about the small things, so go with the flow.
  • Never lose your hobbies.  We all need time to relax and enjoy life, this is why hobbies are so important.  Oftentimes, couples bond based on their hobbies.  Even if you don't have all the same interests as your significant other, don't give all of them up just to be together.  You don't want to be considered boring!
  • Remain at ease in social situations.  Social etiquette is beginning to disappear with everyone using electronic devices 24/7.  A simple smile, saying "hello, goodbye and please and thank you" are necessary manners!
  • Above all, be happy!  Be pleasant!  No one wants to date, marry or be friends with a dreary person who takes their moodiness out on other people.  Life is hard enough, don't bring other people into your struggles!

Women who have classy qualities with a saucy personality!

The Duchess of Cambridge and Pippa Middleton

Grace Kelly

Alexis Bledel

Elizabeth Taylor

Ava Gardner

Reese Witherspoon

Audrey Hepburn

Rita Hayworth

Penelope Cruz

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  1. Love this blog - great advice - hopefully more women will take it and run with it. Thanks for giving us a few very savvy reminders and tips.