Monday, July 15, 2013

Boundaries. How Often Do You Cross Them?


We go through life with rules, obligations and expectations to follow.  For some reason, society views boundaries as demeaning, a harsh reality, when in truth "rules" and "boundaries" are an advantage.  They keep us in check of our daily lives, in our jobs and within our social circles.  But why is it so difficult for us to keep in check with these expectations?  Maybe it's because we focus too much on ourselves and not on the needs of others.  Instead of always thinking of ourselves and what we need, let's focus more upon the needs of others, believe me it's worth the payback in the end!

Sauce of Life Tips

  • Think about the needs of others first and boundaries will be quite obvious.  
  • Give people space.  If a friend is having a rough day, or needs some quite time maybe calling to talk is not the best idea.
  • Have respect for the desires and boundaries of family members.  Never impose on others, or create ridiculous expectations.
  • Never take others for granted and expect them to commit to everything you need of them.  You will be surprised how busy other people are, and how many commitments they already have on their plates.  

  • Taking rude advantage of a close family member or good friend is like throwing out the trash.  It leaves a nasty smell.  Most people will remember when they are taken for granted.  Be careful, you may be doing this without even noticing.  
  • A friendship can be ruined by overstepping boundaries.  Are you one of these people who doesn't notice or doesn't care?  Friendship is a two-way street!

For those of you out there that care and don't take your friends and family for granted, believe me, you are truly appreciated and loved by those around you!

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  1. I have to agree with taking advantage of family and friends! It's really easy to do when you're with them all the time or when (like in my case) you don't see them that often.