Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sticky Situations: A Bit of Humor

Who hasn't been in one of those awkward situations where all you can think of is how to get yourself out!  It gets to the point where you can't concentrate on the conversation, but only how to remove yourself from it.  Well, for a bit of humor today, we are going to address a few of those "sticky situations".  Maybe at a later point we will take this topic a bit more seriously.  But who doesn't need a good laugh today, right?

Why did my mom never think of this?
We would've loved talking to Santa every night at 6:00 p.m.!

Here's a way to remove stress in a "discreet" way!
Do you think people will get the hint if this is placed in the break room?

Who needs a fire extinguisher when a bottle of water does the trick?
Are you convinced of this one?  This is one way to be frugal.

Talk about obnoxious!
I think O.C.D. would happen to anyone looking at this!
Option #1: Turn all the books the correct way.
Option #2: Walk out due to frustration.

Yes, Yes...enough said.
Don't remind me.

This one is the ringer!
What better way to remove yourself from a sticky situation!

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  1. Next time a stranger walks by me, I'm going to say "I'm hearing voices again"!