Tuesday, January 29, 2013



Oh no, Danielle is going to love this one. Mainly because I give her the hardest time about my photo being taken. Ok so I do not like having my photo taken. However I do not have Fotografizophobia, which is the "fear" of having my photo taken. It is just that I have only beautiful friends....huge dilemma right? Tell me about it! There is Michelle, who is a model, Krissy that looks ten years younger then she actually is, Melissa is the cute blonde, Heather is the tall babe with a wicked sense of humor, Rose who NEVER ages....seriously!?!..not fair, then there is Jessica who lights up a room when she enters, Katy, just call her tiny and sassy and let us not forget Danielle... Miss Hourglass!

Don't get me wrong I truly love my gal pals, and even the ones I did not mention are gorgeous, I am complete surrounded by pretty people.

Plain Janes apply here! hehehe

Well enough about the fabulous friends I have, this blog is more me and the other people who do not have graceful photo etiquette.

The short and sweet of it is, I don't like the way I photograph....but not many people do. I usually make a big stink about not being in the photo.....but I need to suck it up. Pride aside, photos are fun and loving memories. If people love you they want a photo and vice versa!

So please peeps, strike a pose and put on a happy face... after all there is always photoshop!!! WOOHOO!

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