Monday, November 5, 2012

Yummy on My Tummy: Undergarments, Baby!

Written By: Danielle Marie

If you don't know by now, Katrina and myself believe in undergarments!  Who doesn't, right?  Well we aren't talking about just underwear, no, we believe a woman needs to smooth out those curves, suck-in that little bit of extra and wear what makes her feel like a woman!  How does she do this?  With the right undergarments!

The woman behind the innovative brand, Heather Thomson!

I recently decided to try a relatively new brand in women's undergarments, Yummie Tummie!  Actually, I've been meaning to try it for a long time, since the design concept is quite innovative.  Most of us wear camisoles under everything.  I probably have 30 different camisoles in my wardrobe!  If this idea is foreign to you, well, my reasoning behind camisoles is pretty simplistic.  The camisole takes the place of a full girdle, it helps smooth lines, suck a few things in and diminishes a bit of those annoying bra strap lines.

Now, Yummie Tummie took the camisole and added a panel of elastic polyester right in the mid-section.  How creative!  The majority of women agree that the most unattractive body part is their mid-section.  So instead of wearing a girdle and a cami, this Yummie Tummie camisole does it all!  It smooths out those curves, sucks in that little bit of extra and redefines our beautiful womanly curves!  If I could wear this cami everyday, I would.

My final review of this product? IT'S A MUST-HAVE!  It lessens the layers (no girdles, Ladies) and it does a great job in slimming our hourglass figures!  Wear it for your next event under a fitted sheath dress!  You will feel absolutely fabulous, an no one needs to know your little secret! (Of course, please share with your Girlfriends!)


  1. Alright, I just might have to try one of these out - until I get my midsection under control! New follower from the mingle, would love a follow back.

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