Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why Is Everything So Complicated?

As technology advances, life should get simpler, right?  Wrong!  The more we are "tuned-in" to technology, the more people tend to daydream!  With all that daydreaming, let's try to find a bit of happiness.  So what needs to change?  Are our lives too complicated?

O.K., you have heard us over and over again say that common sense is lacking!  Where has it gone?  Why does everything have to be so difficult now?  Are you still wondering what we are talking about?  Well, here is a short list of simple things that have become complicated! 

1. Replying to an invitation.  Why is it so difficult for an invited guest to respond, yes or no, for an event?  Especially since most invitations are electronic, just a click of the mouse!

2. Why are pictures no longer snapped for memories, but present an opportunity for a "photo-op"?  Are you dreaming a talent agent will discover you on Facebook or YouTube?  That's very unlikely.  Enjoy the moment.  Life isn't about becoming famous or wealthy, it's about faith, family and friends. 

3. Why is it so difficult to smile?  The majority of human beings walk around with a crabby face all the time!  Do you have nothing to be thankful for, like the roof over your head, the shoes on your feet and the lover in your bed?  (Thanks to Darius Rucker!)

4.  Returning phone calls should be a priority.  This seems to be off the charts impossible for some people!  Don't respond to a voice message with a text!  Find time to get on the phone and make a quick call.  Don't worry, it won't be the end of the world if you actually have to talk to the person.

5. Saying please and thank you is definitely on this list!  The majority of people never say please or thank you.  Don't expect others to be their best if you can't be on the top of your game everyday!

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  1. i want those napkins and need to give them to everyone haha

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