Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Handsome Men and Dazzling Women: The Black Sheep Ball

Who doesn't love a fabulous social event?  This weekend we are hosting (along with a terrific friend of ours) a Black Sheep Ball, to raise money for a local charitable organization.  Not only is this event for a good cause, it is also going to be absolutely out of this world fabulous!  Why is this event different?  Well it will have a great mix of handsome men in tuxedos, dazzling women in outlandish ball gowns, a little bit of ping pong and a lot of pizza complimented with beer and wine.

Are you confused right now? So what is it, "tacky" or "classy"?  That's the whole point: "dress to the nines" but spend as little money as possible!  So we are inviting our guests to choose their attire from something available in their closets, such as an old tuxedo (current or from the 1970's) or a bridesmaid dress they never wore more than once!  And instead of having champagne and out of this world palate pleasing foods, we are having pizza, beer and wine!  So casual but with a lot of class!  Oh, and there's a prize for the "best dressed"!

Don't worry, we will post pictures next week!  Stay tuned!

We had to add this photo!  What a dapper man!

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