Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Bit of Bright & A Bit of Delight

Who hasn't had "one of those days", where nothing makes sense, the world keeps spinning and *poof*...suddenly your day is over?!?  Yesterday was just like that!  One of those days you can barely remember what you did or who you saw.  All that craziness made us think, how can we add a bit of spice and make our days more memorable?  We want to love our friends more, love our families more, love our jobs more and JUST LOVE LIFE MORE!  Here's a bit of bright and a bit of delight to make your day a little more saucy!

Get a new hair-do!  Who doesn't love fabulous lovely locks?

Keri Russell (Credit: PrettyStuff)

Cozy up with your favorite book or a beloved movie adaptation!

 Wear your wedding dress and a colorful pair of heels around the house for just 1 hour!  
Maybe reserve this for when you're home alone:)  Less judgments!

Spend time alone with a terrific cup of coffee!  
Those few moments of coffee delight and silence might be enough to get you through the rest of the day!

Credit: ZsaZsa

Mix up your wardrobe with an array of leopard prints! 

Red Leopard

Fat Face summer top
$40 -

Michael kors watch

Amrita singh

Red shawl

Have a Fabulous Weekend! 
~Provocative Manners

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