Friday, October 11, 2013

The Effects of Karma

As the saying goes, "common sense is not so common". We now live in a society where people do what they want without thoughts for others, they focus only on their goals, dream and desires but fail to think how these will impact family, friends and society as a whole. We are referring to the smallest things from not holding a door for the woman pushing a stroller, using foul language to get your point across (this is never needed) or even bigger things such as taking your spouse for advantage, not being around for your children when they need you most and even climbing the ladder of career success without thinking about the ethics or morals involved.

Actions that remain self-centered are considered by many people as part of what makes society strong, but they are incredibly wrong. The reason that communities of people have survived through dire circumstances in history was through their work and dedication to each other, not solely focusing on their own self-worth. Now don't get us wrong, it is incredibly important to have personal goals and dreams which we should work towards each day of our lives, but these ambitions should never over-step, step-on or take advantage of another person. If everything is done with love and joy, summed up through charity, we will grow closer to our dreams, increase friendships and family ties and in the end, we won't have to wait for KARMA to bite us!

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