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Restaurant Manners: Excellent Service

Restaurant Manners: At the Cafe

We have previously addressed restaurant manners in relation to customer behaviors: how to and how not to act.  Now it is time for us to talk about the waiter's manners, yes, the wonderful people who take our orders, serve the food and deliver the excellent assistance to each and every customer!  My brother is a server in the food industry so I hear first hand information about the dos and don'ts in a restaurant.  Here are a few sauce of life tips to be a superior server.

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  • As a server, keep your opinions to yourself, unless asked by the customer.  Sometimes it's better not to get involved in a political, religious or personal conversation.  You are working as a server, not as a therapist.'
  • Stop with the moodiness and drama.  If you bring your personal problems to work, everyone else will pick up on your tension.  Most people go out to dinner to relax and de-stress, not to experience a complicated reality show.  (You can waste your time at home with those.)
  • Smile.  Yes, this may be difficult depending on the moods, comments or reactions of your customers, but remember they probably aren't that upset with you.  They may just be taking their stress out on you.  Try to make their day, to forget their worries with a simple smile.

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  • Remember to keep water glasses full, even if it's not your job, nothing is below you.  Keep your customers happy.  Pay attention to the details.
  • Check on your customers.  Ask them how the food is, if they need more drinks, but don't overwhelm them with attention because after awhile it appears fake and forced.
  • Be pleasant.  If you want a great tip, then do your job!  Be available, be competent and take your job seriously.  This may not be your life career and your working through college, but remember to treat others of you would want to be treated and work how you would desire your employees to work.  

  • Come back if your customers aren't ready to order.  It's a waste of your time and energy to get angry.
  • Don't get upset with kids.  If children are completely out of line, it is most likely a lack of discipline on the parents part.  Treat children well, bring them crayons and paper if available and the parents will take notice.  Hint: BETTER TIPS!

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  • You desire the customers to be courteous, so you better be also! Manners should never be left at home.
  • WORK HARD and then you can PLAY HARD!

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  1. Quite a few of these tips can be applied to the service industry I'm involved in: hairdressing! It's amazing how far a smile and politeness will take you!