Saturday, April 20, 2013

REVOLT Challenge Starts Monday!

Hello Ladies and Gents, as of Monday morning we will be starting the Kick Start to the Revolt Challenge.  We were contacted by the company to be a part of the "uprising" in April!

What is this program?  It's a lifestyle program lasting 6 weeks with 1 additional week for the kick start.  The program is all about losing the fat and increasing the muscle!  The program includes a weekly meal plan that changes and daily circuit training.  So we thought what a better time to start this program than in the end of April, right before it gets warm out (yes, we live in Wisconsin where it isn't warm until June!)  So stay tuned for our weekly highlights about the program and how we are handling it.

I will be doing weekly posts at the end of each week.  So stay tuned to an update on Fridays for the next 6 weeks!

Here's what the company says:

"Let me explain very quickly what the Revolt Uprising is.  It is your Revolt against your muffin top and the tyranny or mediocrity.  For less than .35 a day this is what you get.
  • Full length workouts that are always changing.  You will never get board.  Plan on enjoying your good looks and 6 pack abs.  Get ready to become lean and re-invent yourself.
  • The workouts are intense, and so effective without putting you in a gym for hours at a time.  The Revolt Uprising doesn’t give you partial videos to do by yourself.  You have your trainer with you through each circuit.
  • Meals that are awesome and paired with your workouts.  This is part of our “secret sauce”. As you’ve probably heard up to 70% of your results happened with an effective diet.  This happens outside your workouts.  The meal plan everyday to help you reach your goals."

Credit: LAFitness

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