Monday, February 4, 2013

Women Juggle Many Roles

Women are the bedrock of society.  We juggle so many different roles that it's almost impossible at times to keep track of it all.  We want to be the perfect wives, mothers, best friends to everyone, successful business women, role models, but more importantly we just want to be ourselves!  Each of us wants to be independently motivated, unique in our appearance, presentation and ability to take on the world.  But what stands in our way?  Are we the cause of our own failures, do societal pressures cause us to become images we never dreamed of or desire to be?  What are our goals?  How do we decide priorities?  How do we focus and complete those goals?

Each day seems like one huge, unstoppable world wind of craziness, but I have decided that I need to put a stop to those crazy, uncontrollable days where there are too many plates to handle and they are about to fall, crash and burn.  I have decided that life needs to have more priorities, not that I don't have priorities, but maybe I need to limit them...find the important ones because I realized I can't do it all.  It doesn't matter how much passion I may have for life, my family, my friends, our businesses, I just don't seem to have time for it all.  So I have come to the conclusion that I need to define my priorities better, I need to decide what's is worth taking up my time and what isn't!  Do I find JOY in the activities that do take up a lot of my time?  Or am I forced into situations that only stress me out?

Now that I have ranted a bit...this pretty much sums up a light bulb that flashed before my eyes this past weekend.  Yes, I know, these thoughts should have resounded in my ears before the new year started, but if you don't know me by now, I'm not big into New Year's Resolutions, but I am into making business/personal life goals.  I don't plan on having them stop with the end of 2013.  Here's to hopping for success and fulfillment with these goals.  And no, I'm not going to tell them to you, but just know that overall I am vowing to become more focused, more disciplined, more organized and more structured from this day forward!

To finish off this post, I hope that each woman out there reading this understands a little bit of my ramblings.  As women, we can't do it all, even if our passions overwhelm us, we aren't immortal and we are not suppose to be successful at everything.  So, stop competing with the person next to you.  Each one of us has their own special talents, appreciations and passions, which may mean that we may have to work harder than someone else to reach a specific goal.  But do your best, at being the best you can be, not who you think your friends, your family or what the world envisions and expects of you.  Because in the end, the only people that matter are those closest to you who won't pass judgement on every little work you perform or dream that doesn't seem to be within your reach.  So here's my advice, reach for the stars and those people who matter in your life will support you through it all but they will definitely help keep you grounded too.

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