Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Adventures Beyond the Horizon

We all have those moments when childhood memories seem so long ago, and we desire to return to those care-free days. Now being a parent myself, I enjoy just sitting and watching my children play outside. They have no care in the world, but with so many adventures on the horizon. Sometimes, as adults, we forget to have our own adventures. Take a few moments each to to enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass, enjoy the warm sunshine radiating through the trees, or just sit back and sip a frothy cup of morning coffee instead of rushing out the door with it. These might not be the same "adventures" we had a children or even the ones we may dream about as adults (my big adventures include backpacking through Europe or swimming on a Coral Reef), but our daily small "adventures" will help us rejuvenate and begin to enjoy the simple and edifying moments of life. These moments can't ever be taken away from us, even through the daily grind and the chaos of life!


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