Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Sugar and Spice Moments of Life

We all have a little bit of sweetness and a little bit of sauciness. It comes out at different times and in different circumstances of our lives. Sometimes we need to pay more attention to our emotions and our quick responses. Our world has become obsessed with "finding ourselves", "climbing the ladder" or "never letting anyone walk all over us". While, yes, all these things have their proper place and time, these shouldn't be our motto for life. There will be times we must stick up for ourselves, our beliefs/morals and work to gain that position we have been striving for, but this doesn't mean we should coast through life with a negative opinion of everyone and be constantly on the fence ready to attack anyone that differs from our position.

The simplicity and beauty of a flower should be how we approach the craziness of life.

As human beings who wish to be loved and to love in return, we need to focus on the simple things in life, the small successes that help us reach our larger goals. We don't need to walk over everyone to climb the ladder of success, oftentimes that ladder will be reached quicker with less chaos when we use our innate relationship with others to work with them instead of working against them.

So, what's the lesson? Life has its sugar and spice moments, those moments when we are extremely gentle and kind and those moments when we must stand up for ourselves or others (those horrible, unpleasant situations), but for the most part we should fill the majority of circumstances with the "sugar" moments. We will get further in life and eventually, when we get older, there will be much less regret if we learn to love and work with others, instead of always pushing our own agenda.

The best moments in life can be found in a cupcake.

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