Monday, January 20, 2014

Is the Word "Commitment" Not In Your Vocabulary?

It has become a known fact that current generations have a difficult time committing to much of anything. Whether it's a commitment to a job, a college degree, RSVPing to a party, a coffee date or even keeping friendships alive, no matter what the circumstance, it is almost impossible for people to make any sort of definitive answer to anything!

Are you this type of person? Do you wait until the very last minute to respond to a party invitation, just in case something better comes along? Or do you have a difficult time signing a two year contract for your new job, just in case you receive an unexpected call from a head hunter? Is it impossible for you to finish college because you know the time and labor that is involved, and wow that just might stress you out too much? All those situations sound ridiculous, right? Wrong! Most of society now views "commitments" as burdensome and annoying. Even cell phone companies are turning to "no contract" plans. Couples also have an extremely difficult time taking marriage vows. But why is that? Why can't we be satisfied with where we are at each specific moment and be willing to take the next step?

But where does my biggest annoyance come into all this? It's due to the fact that because no one wants to commitment to ANYTHING, the level of selfishness has increased two-fold and many people have been hurt in the process. Those people who want to see the good in everyone, who want everyone to have a good time and enjoy life rarely think about their needs and are pushed to the back-burner while the rest of the world steps over them to get what they want, when they want it.

Yes, I understand, I life is hard and schedules get busy. For example, things happen when you are unable to attend an event that you had originally responded "yes" to the host and that's completely fine. First of all, you did RSVP, which seems to be a "dated" form of etiquette now. If you are unable to come at the last minute, make sure to tell the host you are unable to make it now. The host should understand, and if he doesn't then he's being the selfish one. Everyone is busy, and oftentimes things happen at the last minute we do not have control of, so don't make presumptions that someone is intentionally trying to hurt you. Now, if they cancel on a continual basis, then maybe your presumptions are correct.

Doesn't there seem to be a parallel between the ability to make commitments and also having a fuller and healthier life? Have we all become such lost souls that wandering aimlessly suits our needs more than having a stable life? Everyone tries to make New Year Resolutions, we attempt begin new diets "the next day", but most of the promises we make are empty. Why can't we work each and everyday of our lives to improve ourselves, and make lasting promises? Instead of focusing on ourselves and what we want at each exact moment, let's try to amend our lives not only for the good of ourselves, but for the good of everyone. Let's work on making solid commitments!

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