Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Post Birthday Milestone.....

Post Birthday Milestone!

So I just turned 30! and wait for it.............wait.............nope I did not explode!
When you turn 30 you are truly now an adult, (that is if you were not one before;) and totally time to act like one. You know those life goals and bucket lists, well it is time to start accomplishing them! Time is now and now is time, so get to it!

Three life lessons I have learned in my past 30 years.
With good family and friends you can accomplish anything and celebrate while you do it!

If you do not have a best friend that treats you awesome, go find one. My life would be a total drag without her. 

Life does not have to be complicated, we make it that way
Dream big, take your biggest dream and multiply it by 10
Be grateful, for your family and friends, but mostly my faith!
Give love, a lot of people don't feel loved, they need to come to my house, I'll love the heck out of them!
Laugh lots and lot and lots, but especially at yourself!

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