Monday, November 18, 2013

How to Leave a Job Gracefully

Every person gets to a point in their lives when it is time to move on from a job into a different one. This transition can be intimidating, scary, awkward, stressful or overall you can make it down-right GRACEFUL! Leaving a job can be graceful? You bet! But in achieving this end result it is all up to you!

We have all heard the saying, "don't burn bridges". Well, there is truth in this statement and it can be applied to many areas in life, but especially to our professional careers. Whether we work in an office, a hospital, a bank, a grocery store, retail, or dinning services, it doesn't matter the job, professionalism is always a necessity. Whether you are moving to a different job for personal or professional reasons, there are always a few protocols which should be followed:

  • Always put in a two week notice. It doesn't matter if the company probably won't keep you on for the whole time, but it is a courteous to give them a heads up to either train a new employee or begin the hiring process.
  • While you finish out your two weeks, don't slack on the job. Your work ethic should remain in tact and it will follow you wherever you go.
  • Don't walk out in a huff. Your finances may require you to remain at a job until you have a second one secured. Don't make a rash decision!
  • When putting in your two week notice, it is not necessary for you to go into every aspect of the job you dislike or could use improvement. Keep your message short and sweet with little room for misinterpretation.
            "It has been such a pleasure working for you, but I have been offered an                 opportunity I cannot pass."

            "This job has been such a great experience and I would like to thank you                 for the opportunity to work for you, but I would like to move in a                           different direction with my career."

  • Keep your negative comments to yourself. Never speak ill about your boss or co-workers in public, to other co-workers and never, ever on any social media website. You never know who will hear or read those comments and they cannot be taken back. They will follow you forever!
  • If you have been fired or laid off, always keep an air of sophistication. Refrain from speaking ill of your previous employer and never gossip about work "problems". The more private you are about the circumstances, the more respect you will gain from others around you who may have connections that will help you find your next job.
  • Say good-bye to your co-workers. This doesn't mean a personal note to each person is required, but those you were close with deserve at least a "good-bye". 
  • Most importantly, always remain professional! In our fast-paced world, your actions, whether good or bad, will catch up with you quickly.

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