Friday, September 27, 2013

Live Like Julia and Learn to Be Amused

If you haven't heard of the author, Karen Karbo, I am so excited to introduce you to her! My first meeting with one of Karen Karbo's books is still a favorite of mine, The Gospel According to Chanel, as many of you know I am obsessed with everything Chanel, but besides that that book was humorous and entertaining. So when we were approached to read a chapter of her upcoming book, Julia Child Rules Lessons of Savoring Life, and attempt to live by this Rule for a week, I was pretty pumped! I tried to pick a Rule that specifically apply to me and help me work on a few of my many faults.

Rule No. 3: Learn to Be Amused

(Coming October, 2013)

I found this chapter to be extremely interested as it delved into the college year of Julia Child, which I knew pretty much next to nothing about. We have all had a bit of an introduction with Julia Child whether through her cooking books, cooking shows or the recent movie released about her, however I was drawn to each page of this chapter as it described her struggles through college and the few years after. But it definitely gave me a different perspective on life as I have a choleric temperament, pretty much summed up as an A-Type Personality. Yes, I'm extremely motivated person, but this can become wearing on other people and I felt a connection with Julia Child as she went through college with a humorous, love-life type of approach, which eventually took a toll on her own roommate. 

For the past week I have attempted to follow this rule, as sometimes it is quite difficult to find the humor in the situation or "learn to be amused". After reading this chapter though, it was much easier to understand how to take life a bit lighter and enjoy the moments whether good or bad. Believe me, this week wasn't easy with the usual ups and downs of every day life, but taking each moment and trying to find the humor definitely made it easier. So, I would like to thank Karen Karbo and Julia Child for this life lesson. It wasn't something I had never heard of before, but this was one of the first times I tried to enjoy the moments and laugh at myself too!


  1. I am definitely going to buy this book. If I could find humor in the bad everyday experiences of life, wouldn't living in general be easier? This might be the secret recipe we are all looking for . . . thanks for your thoughts.

  2. So happy you took on the Live Like Julia challenge and that you learned to be amused. It's certainly no easy task at times. Thank you so much for participating. xKaren