Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Manners

Well, the end of summer is upon us.  Can you believe that it is already September?  I'm actually looking forward to this time of year, the only part I dislike is knowing that winter comes after fall!  I'm looking forward to the cooler days (so I can go running more frequently without trying to breathe through the humidity), the colorful scarves and bringing out a fun new wardrobe!  With Labor Day as the last big part before the end of summer, we figured it was appropriate to go over a few etiquette tips while spending this relaxing day with family and friends.

  • Never attend a Labor Day party, whether it's a picnic, dinner party, cocktail party, bbq without bringing a dish to pass or a bottle of wine.  The hostess will always remember the guests who arrive empty handed.
  • Please don't overstay your welcome.  Never come too early (unless you are willing to help prepare food and clean the house) and never stay too late.  When you notice the hostess cleaning up dishes or yawning as your talk, then you need to take those signals and go home.
  • Take the Labor Day celebration as a perfect time to wear your favorite white dress, the autumn trends are on the way!
  • If you are attending a party, make sure you RSVP'd.  No one likes having unexpected guests and responding an hour before the party is not acceptable.
  • Since it is a holiday away from work, spend that time with family and friends.  Try to stay away from your phone and computer.  Family time is more important!

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