Wednesday, August 14, 2013

When Nice People Get Hurt........

 When Nice People Get Hurt. 

So there are a lot of rude people in the world, as most of us know. But are you a rude person? This is a huge problem with people nowadays. We live in a society where everyone can give their opinion no matter how it makes others feel.  Being RUDE has somehow become acceptable?!?!?!?! But guess what RUDE person, you hurt people! You say your rude comments and think you are just giving your opinion or somehow being funny, but what you do not realize......wait for it...... you just reek of insecurity! You sound like a FOOL. The part of your rudeness that bothers me the most is when you are rude to nice people. People that have never done anything but be kind and you are rude to them....knock it off!  

I may not always be the nicest person but blessed to have very nice friends...mess with them.. you mess with me;)
One of my favorite quotes! True Friends and family care for each other!
Be the person that makes someone smile!

To end......rude people can change......treat others the way you would hope to be treated. 

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