Friday, August 30, 2013

Adored By Many - Where Are All the Beautiful People?

What makes a person lovable, adorable and full of life?  Well, it's not just their looks, it's their personality, their charity and a bit of humility is needed for this one.  The most beautiful people in the world are not those with the most money, the most power or influence, but the people who are beautiful on the inside.  We may only remember the presidents or famous athletes because of memorization in school or for a moment in time, but when we go through life as adults we truly remember the beautiful people we meet.  The sad thing, is that those beautiful people have become less and less.  Why is this?  Our world which at one time worked together, loved each other, fought for each other and aimed towards the common good has become a civilization of greed, selfishness, with a pure "giv'me giv'me" attitude.  We don't all have to think that the only way to change the world is through mission trips or donating to 3rd world countries (even though these things are wonderful), but we can start in our own backyards.  Whether that means smiling at a stranger, offering to babysit a friend's kids (without expecting something in return), donating unused items to a local charitable organization, picking up a cup of coffee for a co-worker, baking cookies for the contractors painting your home or dropping off your extra garden vegetables and fruits to a local food pantry.  Believe me, the small things in life do count.  So, if you want to be remembered as one of the "beautiful people" who is adored by many, then maybe it's time you took a step back, examined yourself and your way of living and begin thinking and working for others on a daily basis!
All You Need Is Love

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