Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Why are the French so..... FRENCH?

Why are the French so..... FRENCH?

I was recently invited to go to dinner with some friends. Our host was French, not just any kind of French, but extremely charming and wonderfully French. The type of French that we see in the old movies. His demeanor was calm yet passionate, his speech was perfect yet had a trace of uncertainty, and when he spoke... WHEN HE listened with a sense of wonder and excitement. At one point he listed off the ingredients for a recipe, and you would of thought he was reciting poetry. I sat there in awe and thought to myself, why are the French so French?

And this is what I came up with.......

The French have the yummiest food!

Their fashion is amazing and the night life is magical.

They only produce beautiful people...unfair!

The ambiance is dreamy.
Ok, so I have told you nothing you did not already know, but to be French must be a blessing!!!!
I think they should rename Paris... to......Passion. So go have a "French" moment, whether it is eating French pastries, wearing some amusing french fashion or just good ol' french kissing, go be French today!

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