Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Parking the Car...And Shoes?

Written By: Ooh La La (Danielle Marie)

Well it's Shoesday Tuesday and we are going to talk about parking your car and of course, shoes!  You may ask what parking the car and shoes have in common?  Well there are more similarities than you can imagine!  A poorly parked car and a bad pair of shoes can ruin anyone's day.  Haha, no I'm serious!

How often do we look for the perfect parking spot and just as we find it, the car in the next space somehow did not park within the yellow lines, disaster!  Why is it so difficult to park a car straight?  No, your Ford Expedition will fit in one parking spot and your Toyota Prius doesn't have to be parked over the yellow line, since your car really doesn't stick out as much as you think!  Oh wait, you were in a rush and didn't have time to park your car correctly?  If that's so, then how did you have enough time to stop for a Starbucks Latte fifteen minutes prior?  No excuses!  Parking the car is one of those situations where you need to think about the other people around you, not just yourself!  Unless you own the parking lot, have some consideration and stay within the yellow lines, don't worry your car will fit!

Now for the part about shoes.  How much time do you put into choosing the perfect pair of shoes each morning?  O.K., we do realize that not every woman adores shoes as much as we do, but we all have our flaws!  Whether you spend your mornings choosing the perfect purse, the essential accessories or a decent amount of time applying makeup, the whole point is that you spend the time!

Here's to showing a bit of Toe Cleavage!

Considering the amount of time you spend each morning choosing the perfect pair of shoes for the perfect outfit, maybe it's time you spent a little more time parking your car within the yellow lines!  You wouldn't walk out of the house with two different shoes or one shoe with a huge hole in it, this looks like you don't care!  Then why do you want to park your car haphazardly, like you don't care?  You do care, you just need to take the time and make the effort.  We will all greatly appreciate your selfless efforts when parking your car!

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