Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Are You A "Bond" Girl?

Written By: Va Va Voom (Katrina)

Who doesn't want to be that "Bond" girl? 

I think we have all fantasied of being that woman on the arm of James Bond, but that is not the Bond Girl we are talking about.  How do we "bond" with someone?  Not just the meet and greet with someone, but how do we move to the next level of friendship?  

Eva Green in Casino Royale

In the Webster dictionary the definition of a bond is: "something that binds a person or persons to a certain circumstance or line of behavior. Or something, as an agreement or friendship, that unites individuals or peoples into a group; covenant: the bond between nations."

"Bond Girl Jewelry Algerian Love Knot Necklace"

Many people find it hard to make that next step in a friendship.  Well sorry to say, but it is quite easy, that is if you are willing to help it develop.  If we want to grow closer with an individual we must be able to give up a level of personal  information, but here is the big BUT, do not give up everything!  We don't want to eat dessert as an appetizer, so wait till the appropriate times in the relationship, when the bond is worthy enough.  Creating a bond takes time, and a true bond is built over many years of silly, fun and even trying times. 

A fun night out bonding with the girls!

So in short are you a "Bond Girl"?  Think about it for awhile.... I am for sure a "Bond Girl", and one of my tight "Bonds" is with my bestie, Oh La La!  And let me tell you our "bond" is unbreakable! 

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