Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Beach, Of Course!

Written By: Ooh La La (Danielle Marie)

Ok Ladies, this one is for you!  It's summertime, those warm days and hot nights are upon us with that 100 degree weather lasting for weeks and no sign of rain.  So where do we go to beat the heat?  The beach of course!

While enjoying that beach air and cool water, we get the opportunity to wear a saucy print swimsuit and fun cover-up.  But what is appropriate for the beach may not be appropriate for the grocery store, a drink night out with the girls or your daughter's dance recital!

    Victoria's Secret Cover-Up (

The terricloth cover-up dresses are cute for the beach, but not for the store or any other public place.  They look sloppy, and resemble a "baby doll" dress (something a toddler wears). 

Little girl's ruffled cover-up at

If you have a chance to change before running errands, spend that 10 minutes to put on a jean skirt and fitted shirt. Make yourself look like a woman again, not a child!  You will feel better about yourself, and ooze with femininity by wearing the right clothing for the right place!

Sauce of Life Tip: "Play it saucy on the beach with a cover-up, but play it even saucier at dinner in a black wiggle skirt and a little bit of rouge lip gloss!"

Do you want to add a little edge to your beach wear?  Accessorize your swimsuit and cover-up with a cute hat and saucy beach bag!  Find this cover-up at

Image for SMOCKED TERRY SWIM COVER-UP from Tommy Hilfiger USA

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