Monday, July 30, 2012

Sweet Pea Scarves Giveaway!

Written By: Ooh La La (Danielle Marie) and Va Va Voom (Katrina)

We have our newest raffle item up for grabs!  It's a hand-dyed scarf from "Sweet Pea Scarves".  Check out the etsy page!  Each scarf is hand-dyed with natural ingredients!

I recently bought one and it compliments so many of my outfits! It's an easy accesory to add a bit of color to any dress or shirt. My scarf was dyed with blueberries, cranberries and tea! Look how amazing the colors turned out on the silk.

"Sweet Pea Scarves are 100% silk hand dyed scarves created by Abbey Finn in Wauwatosa, WI. I use a unique natural dyeing process on 100% Habotai silk. My dye materials include natural "ingredients" like flower petals, vegetable trimmings, herbs, spices, coffee grounds, tea, wine, dirt, berries and more! The materials are arranged on the scarf and then wrapped into a cocoon-like shape and are tied with copper or steel wire. The scarves “ferment” for 1-2 weeks in glass canning jars. I r...euse the jars instead of dyeing the scarves in plastic bags. Much less waste! Each is labeled with the various dye ingredients. After they ferment, I open the scarves and allow them to air dry for about two weeks. The color is then heat-set and the scarves are then washed and ironed. The patterns and colors are unique to each scarf and unpredictable!" ~ Sweet Pea Scarves

 Here is the Scarf for Giveaway! Read the rules below to enter and win this beautiful scarf!

Giveaway Rules & Guidelines

The Sweet Pea Scarf Giveaway will begin Monday, July 30th.  You may enter the Giveaway until the winner is announced on Friday, August 3rd at 9:00 a.m. central time.

Follow these Steps to Enter the Scarf Giveaway!

1. Enter a comment under this post and tell us how much you would like to win this scarf! (Required)

2. If you are on Facebook, click on the links below and "like" the Provocative Manners page and "like" the Sweet Pea Scarves page.

But in order to enter this Giveaway, you must write a comment below telling us how much you would like to win this scarf! 

Thanks for entering and Good Luck!


  1. I'd love this scarf! Great giveaway ladies!

  2. I love silk scarfs...and don't you is my favorite color

  3. I would love to win since I have just recently begun wearing scarves!

  4. Teresa NeureutherAugust 2, 2012 at 6:53 PM

    I want! I want!