Monday, July 14, 2014

Coming Late to a Party is Just Plain RUDE!

Everyone loves a good party! It's a time for celebration (whatever the occasion), a time for good food and good friends, but let's not forget that good manners are still required! We all know how important it is to RSVP to events, especially weddings and parties where food and drinks have to be pre-ordered. Let's not forget another important form of party etiquette....timeliness!

Now we have all heard the saying, "Fashionably Late". Well, this saying only applies to a few, and rare events. Actually, by the time we are finished with college and living in the professional world, being "fashionably late" is "unfashionably rude"!

If you are attending a wedding, never walk into the ceremony while the bridal party is walking down the aisle. Always try to be at least 15 minutes early.

Cocktail parties are a little bit different. If it is more of an event where there will be only appetizers and drinks then strolling in "fashionably late" is fine. It's a social hour. Just know your party!

For a birthday party, retirement party, a bridal or baby shower, or anniversary party it is important that you are on time or no later than 5-10 minutes. We all know that traffic can be tricky, but don't use bad traffic as your "go-to" excuse! Plan ahead and leave earlier!

If you are attending a small intimate event, then you absolutely MUST be on time. Not only is it embarrassing to the host and extremely disrespectful, but you won't feel so "fashionable" with critical eyes watching you stroll in.

By chance, if you are going to be later than 15 minutes for an event, it is required to let the host know. When you contact the host to make them aware of your tardiness always ask if it's o.k. or if it will be an inconvenience. The world does not revolve around you.

Here's a big no-no...if you are coming to a small event late and then have to leave early, it's best that you don't come! What an inconvenience for the host and whether you mean to portray this or not, it looks like you don't care to be there. You aren't on time and you don't care to stay.

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