Monday, June 23, 2014

6 Ways to Say "Hello"

In the past, we have mentioned that one of our pet peeves is how very few people smile, but let's add one more to the list. Why is it so difficult to say hello to strangers? And every time an effort is made to acknowledge someone, they are in complete shock. How sad is that? We are social human beings and most definitely need that attention and interaction with others. Yes, it might take a little bit of effort, but it's worth the final reward...making someone's day brighter!

Say "Hello" with a Smile ~ Sometimes words not necessary. A simple, but bright smile is sometimes all that's needed when passing a stranger at the grocery store.

Say "Hello" with a Wave ~ Our life is full of moments where we can make the most of a small gesture. Wave "hello" to that next door neighbor you rarely get a chance to talk to, but your thoughtfulness might make them smile.

Say "Hello" with a Gift ~ Deliver a container of freshly baked chocolate cookies to a friend. If they aren't home this will be a great surprise for them. An unexpected surprise!

Say "Hello" with a Note ~ Everyone is all about the text messaging, but do remember as a kid when your mother would put a small note in your cold lunch. There was such a level of anticipation waiting until lunchtime to read that note. Leave a love message for your husband before he leaves for work in the morning or mail a card to your mom letting her know you are thinking of her.

Say "Hello" with a Kiss or a Hug ~ We have all heard of the "Love Languages", some of us need to give or receive physical touch. Your grandmother or best friend might just be that person. If you are aware of this, make an effort to give them a hug and/or kiss when you see them each time. This might mean the world to them!

Say "Hello" with a Question ~ In our self-indulgent society we sometimes forget about others. Instead of walking past your neighbor or acquaintance at the store, take a moment to stop and ask them how they are doing. Maybe ask if they need help or would like to go out for coffee. You might be the bright light they needed to get through the day.

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