Friday, December 6, 2013

Fabulous Fashion, Italian Style

The Ladies of Provocative Manners have a love for fashion. There are so many different styles, textures, combinations, accessories and of course, thousands of talented designers. Today, we wanted to delve into Fashion, Italian Style. A beautiful design of clothing that emphasizes a woman's gracefulness, elegance, yet, personal power. The Italian Style empowers women to embrace her womanly curves and to accentuate her assets, while men are dressed to impress with sophistication and class. Even the everyday look for a man or woman is designed to show their love for life, fashion, color and an overall edgy feel!

Here are a few of our favorite larger than life Italian designers:

The world of Italian style has reached farther than the limits of Europe. Not only are these designers everywhere in the world, but a number of world-wide designers take these fashion concepts and apply them to Main Street or High Street fashion. How amazing that such beautiful designs can be styled to fit the average American while also fitting into their budgets! We can have a bit of the couture labels and a bit of the knock-off brands to keep us stylish all year long!

This designer brought an inexpensive clothing line to Target stores.

H and M
Italian style clothing similar in look to couture designs but not similar in price.

Roberto Cavalli

Need Inspiration? Watch for looks at Italian Fashion Week!

To read more about Italian Couture and Signature Fashion, 
check out Destiny USA in Syracuse, New York.

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