Friday, December 21, 2012

The Unexpected Guest

Christmas Time always brings a multitude of surprises.  The best and worst can be the unexpected guest!  We all love having company and spending time with friends and family during Christmas, this is what makes memorable moments.  The hardest part is not being prepared for a guest!  Here are a few tips to help you through the Holidays!

1.   Always have quick dishes on hand for munching.  Whether that is hummus and veggies, frozen cookie dough ready to bake, an easy fudge recipe or the ingredients for stuffed mushrooms.  Make sure these can be quickly assembled and baked!  Whatever the case, never make it look like you were unprepared!
I will be baking these on Sunday, can't wait!

2.   Put aside a few small gifts that can be given to your unexpected guest.  Maybe take a few moments and create hand-made ornaments out of salt dough with your kids or purchase a few inexpensive body lotions/soaps, etc.  Keep these items near your Christmas wrapping paper just in case you are caught off guard by an unexpected guest!

3.   Take the time to keep your Christmas decor looking new and re-fresh your home often!  We know how crazy it gets during the Holidays, especially with children but use this as a time to put forth a good example to them and the rest of your family.  Keep your home warm and cozy, perfect for any friends and family, whether expected or unexpected.  Everything may seem chaotic to you, but don't let that be visible.  We know, this is a hard one!

Credit: CoreArchitect
What an adorable broom cover!

Above all, have fun, spend time with family, enjoy a few moments of Christmas reflection and cherish these times.  Don't get stressed, it's not worth it!

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  1. I agree on every single tip!loved this post,thank you!xxx Coco

  2. Great tip about putting aside a small gift! I would have never thought of that!

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