Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gifts for the Blissful Couple

The inevitable questions...

What do I get the couple for their wedding? 

How much should I spend on a wedding gift?

It seems that the retail industry has made gift-giving more complicated than ever!  We understand there is a huge market for gift registries and money to be made, but let's be realistic about this.

Sauce of Life Tip #1: Don't budget the money you spend on a gift vs. the cost of dinner at the reception.  There's more to life than money!  It's plan tacky too!

Sauce of Life Tip #2: The average amount of money spent on a wedding present is roughly $75-$100.  However, remember to consider other factors in this amount.

     How close are you with the couple?
     Are you a close relative, or long-distance cousin and you are meeting for the first time?
     Are you in the bridal party?

     Have you attended the showers or engagement parties?

Sauce of Life Tip #3: If you know the couple well, it is more likely you will be happy to spend a little extra.  If you are bringing a date to the wedding, you should expect to spend a little more on the wedding gift.

Sauce of Life Tip #4: Don't bust your own budget!  If the only thing left on the registry is a $400 oil canvas, then either give cash or purchase a gift the couple may enjoy (this works if you know the couple well).  Try to purchase off the registry, the couple actually prefers those items!

Sauce of Life Tip #5:  Include the gift receipt.  Those gift registries don't always function properly.  I have seeen brides open 3 sets of the same knives because the registry wasn't updated by the store! 

Sauce of Life Tip #6:  If you have attended an engagement party and/or bridal shower, don't assume you have to spend $100 at each function.  A typical disbursement is: 15% engagement party, 25% shower gift, 60% wedding gift.  Split your budget to fit with the events you are attending.

Word to the Wise: Don't be cheap!  The couple is starting a new life together, if you have a little bit to spare, then share with love!

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