Monday, June 18, 2012

Time to Under-Expose: Keep Your Bras and Panties to Yourself!

Written By: Ooh La La (Danielle Marie)

Ok Ladies, this one is for you!  Now that we have approached those sweltering summer months, note to the wise (or not so wise), keep your bra straps, closures, panty lines or any such details to yourself and your lover!  When has it ever been stylish to expose your undergarments?  It's not attractive and it's not feminine, please leave something to the imagination! 

Bra straps are a huge no-no!  If you insist on wearing a spaghetti/thin strap top or halter shirt, go with the strapless bra but you better have one that supports you quite well.  Even if the straps of the shirt are thicker, make sure that you pin the bra into the shirt so they don't escape for public view.  Another bra issue, make sure the shirt back isn't too low and shows off your back closure.  If necessary, spend the extra money and buy a special undergarment to fix such public displays of not so appreciated show and tell!

Here's an ABSOLUTE!  Never, ever go bra-less!  You are not 13 years old!  No matter how great you may think you look, you will never again look that perky.  So do us all a favor and wear a bra!

Panty lines, well they are a little more difficult to hide, especially with the jersey knit skirts and dresses.  You may think it's impossible to fix this dilemma, but it isn't.  Buy a slip!  There are extremely cute and saucy slips available to purchase and these can be worn throughout the year.  Buy a light-weight slip to keep you cool during the summer months, but please make sure to purchase the correct size and length.  You don't want it to bunch up under the skirt if it is a size too big and you most definitely do not want the length of the slip to extend below the skirt...totally tacky!

Enjoy these warm months, since most of us only get to experience them for 3 months out of the year, but the heat is not an excuse to dress tacky, lazy or sloppy.

Need to go shopping to help unexpose yourself? (check out the apparel-slip & bra section)

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