Monday, February 20, 2012

The Art to the Smell of Cheese

Written By: Ooh La La (Danielle Marie)

Ever wonder how to cut a slice of cheese? 
Don't kid yourself, it is an art.

We've all been to those wine tastings with platters of delicious cheeses.  Where to start?  Sometimes they are pre-sliced, which if not eaten right away will dry out and harden, but the best cheeses are those left out on the platter for two hours before serving and not pre-sliced.  Look for these at a gourmet cheese shop, they are usually not available at your local chain grocery store. 

Here's a specialty store that carries a wide variety of excellent cheeses!

Now, how should you properly cut a slice of cheese? 

Try not to mix knives, there should be one knife for each variety of cheese. 

Never cut the "nose" off the cheese.  This is the softest part and the best part!  So if the cheese brick is a wedge, do not cut off the thinnest corner....THE NOSE!  Slice along the length of the cheese, this way you get a little nose while leaving some to share with others.

Want to try the "King of Cheeses"?

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